WeChat selling sexy underwear illegal law

The cause of WeChat illegal sex underwear illegal law

In China, the industry of sexy underwear is very sensitive, although the industry is a prosperous industry worldwide.In China, there are some legal clauses to prohibit adult sales activities, which will affect the legitimacy of WeChat selling sexy underwear.According to Article 5 of the "Internet News Information Service Management Regulations", it is not necessary to engage in Internet news information service business activities.Entering the business activities of Internet news information services, you must obtain an audiovisual program license in accordance with laws and regulations, and indicate it in the Internet news information services provided by it.A series of procedures that related companies have obtained permits are quite complicated and expensive.

Special nature of sexy underwear

The sales of sexy underwear in China are usually regarded as a "bad information" because they are regarded as sexual products.The industry’s practitioners must overcome many challenges.Sex underwear is usually associated with unpopular pornographic and disorderly emission industries, but sex underwear workers believe that such products are very unfair to summarize.Although sexy underwear is just a simple clothing in many cases, relevant laws and social cognition still keeps the industry in a state of violence and discrimination.

Restrictions on WeChat platform

WeChat is one of the largest social media in China, but WeChat has strict restrictions on the advertising and sales activities of sexy underwear.The content, activities, advertisements, promotions, reviews, and even camouflage into other types of advertisements for sex underwear are banned from appearing in WeChat, resulting in the high threshold for WeChat selling sexy underwear.Such a ban has challenged the legitimacy of sex underwear on the WeChat platform.

Challenges using other sales models

In the field of Internet sales, overseas e -commerce websites are widely used by most consumers.However, because Chinese customs’s management of parcels is becoming more and more stringent, sales of such websites have become a bit difficult.Even if the customs is successfully passed, it may be accidental during the express delivery part stage and need to be dealt with in time.WeChat selling sexy underwear also has similar problems in overseas website sales, which once again makes the legitimacy of this industry face huge challenges.

The law’s control of WeChat selling sexy underwear

In China, the legal management and control system for sexy underwear is very strict.Specifically, these controls cover the fields of trade, customs and taxes, and the terms involved cover the behavior of gender, race, nationality, working status, disability, age and race, and this is only part of it.Such legal clauses conflict with some rules of WeChat platforms, which makes WeChat selling sexy underwear is extremely difficult.

Sanitary standards and consumer protection

There are still a series of problems in the sexy underwear industry, including industry standards and quality control.If it is not effectively resolved, consumers will be affected.In addition to compliance issues, the quality and safety of sexy underwear also need to be guaranteed.Consumers’ problems with the safety of sexy underwear have also increased the difficulty of selling sexy underwear on WeChat.

Restrictions on network censorship and freedom of speech

China has a strict Internet review system that follows a series of laws and adversity countermeasures.Under such circumstances, WeChat requires its user compliance and try its best to clear any content that violates the requirements of Internet news information services to ensure the safety of the community and the public.Although such efforts are good news for WeChat and consumers, it is not very friendly for merchants who sell sexy underwear. Selling sexy underwear on WeChat is likely to hit China’s Internet review system.

How to legally sell and promote sexy underwear

Although WeChat has difficulty in selling interesting underwear, there are still some successful cases. These successful examples provide inspiration and can be used for reference.One of the most important factor is to find effective sales models, although the current way to sell sexy underwear is very limited.In order to legal, merchants can pack sexy underwear into ordinary bras, underwear or swimsuits to reduce the difficulty of review.

in conclusion

The legitimacy of WeChat selling sexy underwear in the Chinese market is a complicated issue. It is not only related to problems in the industry, but also related to laws and cultural issues outside the industry.WeChat must abide by relevant laws and regulations to ensure its own legitimacy, so it limits that sexy underwear sells on the platform and even advertise it.However, merchants selling sexy underwear should also work hard to overcome these challenges to seek new sales models and ensure safety and compliance.To achieve this, it is necessary to strengthen cooperation at all levels, including merchants, governments, and all walks of life to jointly promote the standardization and development of the industry.

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