WeChat chat with sex underwear

Step 1: Find the right merchant

Before buying a sexy underwear, you must first find a trusted merchant.You can search through WeChat, friends recommended or related forums.After finding a few merchants, you can take a look at its evaluation and customer feedback, and choose one with a better reputation.

Step 2: Contact merchant

After selecting a good merchant, you can contact the merchant through WeChat or other online instant messaging software to learn about the types, prices, and services of its products.At the same time, you can consult and inquire with your own needs and body characteristics.

Step 3: Determine the type of product purchased

With the assistance of the merchant, you can determine the type of sexy underwear you need to buy.Different types of erotic underwear are different due to their materials, styles, and uses.Therefore, after determining your needs and budgets, you can find the most suitable product type.

Step 4: Pay attention to size issues

When choosing a sexy underwear, the size is a very important issue.Because the size of different brands is different, you need to carefully measure your body size and choose the appropriate size according to the size table provided by the merchant.

Step 5: Confirm the price and payment method

After selecting the product type and size, you need to further confirm the price and payment method of the product.Before confirming the price, you can understand whether there are discounts, discounts and other activities, and choose the appropriate product and price according to your own needs and economic conditions.

Step 6: Inform the delivery address and time

After confirming the price and payment method, you need to inform the merchant’s delivery address and time.Generally speaking, merchants will arrange delivery as soon as possible after confirming the payment, and provide corresponding logistics information and timetable.

Step 7: Check and check the product

After receiving the sexy underwear, you need to check and check the quality and size of the product in time.If you find that the product has quality problems or the size is inappropriate, you can contact the merchant in time and put forward corresponding opinions and suggestions.

Step 8: Enjoy your own sexy underwear

After ensuring the quality and size of the product, you can start enjoying your own sexy underwear.Different types of sexy underwear can bring different sexy experiences and visual effects due to their different styles and uses.

The golden law of shopping

To buy sexy underwear like other products, you need to pay attention to the following gold rules.The first is to understand your own needs and budgets, and choose the right product type and price.The second is to choose a trusted merchant to ensure the quality of the product and after -sales service.Finally, it is necessary to check and feedback in time after receiving the product so that merchants can provide a better service experience.

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