Wearing a sexy underwear to be climaxed by C

Wearing a sexy underwear to be climaxed by C

Interest underwear is a kind of equipment that makes sex more interesting, not only for sexy or beautiful, it also has many other functions and functions.These underwear can be used to increase interest, enhance sexual stimuli, allow women to try different role -playing or scenes, and guide the two sides to explore and bring higher orgasm.This article will introduce you to the method and precautions of wearing a messy underwear to a climax.

Choose the type of sexy underwear

Choosing the type of sexy underwear is very important for enhanced sexual stimulation and directly affecting the orgasm.It can be divided into different styles such as sex erotic lingerie, adult sexy underwear, European and American sexy underwear, lace sexy underwear, etc.When choosing a sexy underwear, you can choose according to your preferences and different needs.For example, if you want to experience a charming and soft feeling, you may need a lace -filled sexy underwear.

Choose the right sex underwear size

When choosing a sexy underwear, whether it is too large or too small, it will affect the entire effect.Too small erotic underwear may cause difficulty breathing and splitting, while too large erotic underwear may look like a sack.Therefore, it is important to choose the underwear size.The correct size will ensure the adaptability and easy penetration of sexy underwear, making your body more perfect.

Put on the right sexy underwear

Putting on a suitable erotic underwear can increase your self -confidence and bring a better sexual experience.A sexy underwear can increase sexual confidence and make you more familiar with your body.When choosing underwear, try to choose a supportive and aesthetic underwear, so as to fully match the proper coat.

Use accessories

Interest underwear and accessories are essential.Not only can it highlight the beauty and characteristics of underwear, but also make women more confident and attractive.For example, some stockings can make the legs look more beautiful. With a diamond chain, it will be more brilliant in the interest at night.

Try different colors

The color on the sexy underwear is also related to the role performance and gender, which is exciting.For example, red may make people think of enthusiasm and passion, and black can make people feel mysterious.When buying underwear, try different colors of underwear as much as possible, so that you and your partner have more choices.

Try different materials

Interest underwear also has a variety of materials.The feeling of excitement is also closely related to the material.For example, some sexy underwear uses feathers as design elements, so that the body can easily slide the body and bring extreme stimulation.

Consider different occasions

Interest underwear can be used in different occasions, such as daily fun, romantic dating, Valentine’s Day, etc.Perhaps different emotions, stimulation and effects may be launched in different environments.

Learn to express yourself

It shows that he will impress the other half.For example, in some special occasions, wear sexy lingerie, and then make a manufacturing atmosphere.Let your partner be your student or prince, reduce some potential anxiety; or try to enjoy your physical feelings and orgasm in your favorite music environment.

For women who have not reached the climax

Not every woman can reach a climax every time romantic.Use sexy underwear can enhance self -confidence and make women feel unique and beautiful.By further understanding the body and trying more methods, you can use sex toys, such as vibers, etc., so that the other half can reach orgasm faster.

in conclusion

It is an exciting evolution to wear a sex underwear to climax.Choosing the correct sexy underwear, size, color and material are the key to influence and orgasm.Try and creation can create endless joy and excitement.

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