Wearing a sexy underwear, a beautiful woman

Title: Wear sex underwear, buttock beauty

Imagine that when playing with your other half in bed, she wore a set of sexy and fun underwear and squeezed her slightly shameful whisper -this imagination was enough to make you happy.Many people may feel that they are just a kind of decoration and sexy tools, but in fact, the type of sexy underwear is far more than that.Next, you will sort out different types of erotic underwear to meet your knowledge and hard core needs.

1. Open crotch underwear

Of course, the types of sexy underwear we introduced at the beginning must not miss the open crotch underwear.This sexy underwear will be designed in accordance with the principle of ergonomics, and the three -dimensional tailoring achieves perfect personal effects. The design of the open crotch enables key parts of key parts to be unobstructed without worrying that it will not be comfortable to wear.

2. stockings

Stockings may be one of the most common sexy underwear, but it is also one of the most ignored underwear types.Stockings are not only produced to make women look more beautiful and beautiful. Using stockings to cover the flesh can also have a strong visual and emotional effect.Women wearing stockings can feel the ultimate comfort, and their texture and touch can also benefit both sides.

3. French rabbit girl dress

If you want to try a more teasing clothing, try French Rabbit Girl Clothing.This kind of sexy underwear is a representative of a sexy girl.They reflect the beauty and boldness of women, their playful hands design make the visual effect better, and at the same time make the human body have more touch and intimacy.

4. Three -point underwear

Three -point underwear generally includes a button -buckled bra, a sexy triangular T underwear, and a belt, which properly wrapped the key parts of the female body, and also brought visual enjoyment to the wearer.Wearing a three -point underwear, women can show their attractiveness and sexy charm, and at the same time, they can also retain some mysterious and sexy.

5. Low milk

If you want to try more high -level erotic underwear, you can try your milk.This sexy underwear will wrap women’s breasts very tightly, making them look naked, and at the same time, it will also bring more teasing and visual stimuli to the condenser.

6. Cat and women’s clothing

If you want to be biased and practical and pursue entertainment and sexy atmosphere, then cats and women’s clothing will be a very good choice.They are usually designed with leopard patterns to reflect the softness and sexy on women’s skin.Wearing masks, women can release the wilderness and feminine charm deep in their hearts.

7. chest sticker underwear

Break -up underwear is a kind of sexy underwear positioned in low -key sex.They are usually made of some satin, silk or transparent fabrics, and seal the key parts, which look more comfortable and free.

8. Through pants

Women’s sexy underwear wearing thongs can show their sexy, especially when exposing their hips.This pants use the smallest fabric, but it can help to get out of the beauty of muscle lines and curves.


As we see, there are many classifications and types of sexy underwear. Each type will bring several sensory experiences to the wearer while wrapping the body.Whether it is based on its own needs or based on partner preferences and entertainment, if you want to further challenge and indulge yourself, sexy underwear will be a good starting point.Maybe you can find the fresh feelings you have never realized for a long time.

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