Wearing a sexy lingerie boyfriend is not hard


Wearing erotic underwear is chosen to stimulate passion and fun, but many female friends report that wearing sexy underwear can not make their boyfriend harder, which makes them feel very confused and disappointed.This article will explain the reasons and response methods of wearing a sexy underwear boyfriend to help you solve such problems.

Misunderstanding 1: Interesting underwear replacement skills

Many women believe that wearing sexy underwear can complete the whole process of sex. It is a very wrong idea without adding skills and excitement.Whether it is sexy underwear or other stimulus methods, it is just part of the sex process. It can not stimulate the whole desire of men by relying on sexy underwear alone.

Solution 1: Combination of multiple stimulus methods

If you want your boyfriend to become harder, it is recommended to use multiple stimulus methods.For example, you can use some portable massage appliances or sex products on the basis of wearing sexy underwear, which can directly stimulate male sensitive parts, and at the same time allow men to better enjoy the whole process of sex.

Misunderstanding 2: Do not understand the boyfriend’s preferences

When buying sexy underwear, many women often ignore the preferences of her boyfriend and blindly choose their favorite styles and styles. This may cause her boyfriend to feel uncomfortable after wearing sexy underwear.

Solution 2: Know the boyfriend’s preference

In order to make her boyfriend more like to wear sexy underwear, it is recommended that female friends can communicate with her boyfriend before buying to understand what style and style of sexy underwear he likes before buying.This will not only make the boyfriend feel more comfortable and satisfactory, but also make the whole sex process smoother and pleasant.

Misunderstanding 3: Infertile underwear size is inappropriate

Many women choose too much size when buying sexy underwear, and feel that wearing a loose and more sexy and seductive, but ignores her boyfriend’s expectations for her girlfriend’s figure, which also causes her boyfriend to wear sexy underwear to harden.Essence

Solution 3: Select the right size

Female friends must choose the right size when buying sexy underwear.Women of different bodies need to choose different sizes so that they can fit the body more after wearing it, and make their boyfriend feel comfortable and comfortable.

Misunderstanding 4: Interesting underwear materials are uncomfortable

Sometimes sexy underwear looks very sexy, but it is very uncomfortable to wear, which will make her boyfriend feel uncomfortable and unable to harden.

Solution 4: Choose comfortable materials

When buying sexy underwear, female friends must choose comfortable materials.The erotic lingerie of cotton or silk texture is more comfortable to wear, and it makes her boyfriend feel comfortable and pleasant.

Misunderstanding 5: The atmosphere is not romantic enough

In sexual life, the romantic and atmosphere of the atmosphere is a very important part, and some women wear sexy underwear to think that all preparations have been completed, but they ignore the creation of the atmosphere.

Solution 5: Create a romantic atmosphere

In order to make her boyfriend harder, female friends need to make a good atmosphere before wearing sexy underwear.For example, you can order fragrant candles, play tender music, or candlelight dinner, which can not only make the whole person’s process more romantic, but also make your boyfriend more likely to inspire passion.

Misunderstanding 6: Fun underwear is not long time

Some women are just wearing a sexy underwear to satisfy the boyfriend’s interest. After a few minutes, they are taken off. This operation can easily cause her boyfriend to be unable to get up.

Solution 6: Time is properly controlled

Wearing a sexy underwear is to stimulate and passion for her boyfriend. If the time is too short, the boyfriend will be difficult to harden.Female friends can master the time of wearing a fun underwear, so that boyfriends have enough time to feel and enjoy the whole process of sex.

Misunderstanding 7: Excessive requirements for boyfriends

Many women think that as long as they wear sexy underwear, their boyfriend should harden, but the physical response of men requires process and time. If the request is too high, it will be counterproductive.

Solution 7: Relax mentality

Relaxing mentality is very important, don’t ask for too high your boyfriend.In the process of sex, female friends and her boyfriend must enjoy the whole process together. The more relaxed the mentality, the greater the chance of her boyfriend.


Wearing a sexy underwear can not guarantee that the boyfriend can harden, but if you grasp various skills and solutions, then there will be more opportunities for boyfriends to harden.Therefore, female friends must pay attention to the above matters when wearing sexy underwear in order to make the sex process more pleasant and beautiful.

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