Wear the President of Fun Plagmers

The hesitation of wearing a sexy underwear for the first time

Imagine that you wear sexy sexy underwear and show your beautiful figure under the gaze of your partner. This is what many women want to try.However, for the first time wearing a sexy underwear, I may be a little hesitant. After all, as an adult who must consider it seriously as a home, wearing only one lace underwear in his living room is also shy.Essence

Find a sexy underwear that suits you

It is important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.We need to choose the right size and style to make ourselves feel comfortable and confident.You don’t have to pursue the absolutely perfect appearance of Gundam. As long as you choose the style to match your body, you can show your charming side.

Color choice

There are many options for sexy underwear. You can consider the needs of your clothes, or you can choose your favorite color according to your taste preferences.Black classic sexy, red and sexy, pink, purple and other colors have soft and romantic traits.

Choice of wearing occasions

The choice of wearing occasions is also important.For example, on Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, Birthday and other special occasions, choosing to wear sexy underwear will make the other party feel more attention and attention.

Sex underwear matching accessories

Sex underwear can also be matched with accessories, such as stockings, high heels, gloves, necklaces, etc. These accessories can make the whole set of more complete and attractive light.Choose a suitable sexy underwear with accessories, you can give yourself and the other party more surprise experience.

Washing and maintenance

The washing and maintenance of sexy underwear is also a matter of attention.Washing according to the temperature and method of the instructions must not be used, the dryer cannot be used, or a bleach cannot be used.If you have omissions or errors in your way of maintaining sexy underwear, it will affect the sexy and life of sexy underwear.

President’s likes

Wearing fun underwear with the president, you need to understand his preferences and requirements.Some presidents will pay more attention to the texture, design, color and style of sexy underwear that meet their preferences, while others are more concerned about the effect of sexy underwear.Choosing a sexy underwear suitable for presidents will make him feel more attention and attention.

Change of sex underwear

You can also explore and attempts on the change of sexy underwear, trying a variety of different shapes, patterns, styles, colors, and so on.This will help explore more sexy and different aspects.

Interaction with the president

When you interact with the president in sexy underwear, proper teasing and flirting are helpful to increase interest.Unlimited curiosity and creativity are the key to making you interact with you and the president.

Perspective of wearing erotic underwear

It is important to wear sex underwear. It will make itself more confident and brave, and it can also increase the interest and interaction between yourself and his partner.Whether you are pursuing love or maintaining good feelings, you should try to wear sexy underwear to increase the stimulus and fun in life.

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