Wear sexy underwear for two consecutive days

first day

As a sexy underwear expert, I have always knew that sexy underwear can increase emotion and sex.Therefore, I decided to try to wear sexy underwear for two consecutive days to experience their advantages.On the first day, I chose a set of black lace sexy underwear, including hollow bra and high waist underwear.


Although some people may not believe in sleeping in sexy underwear, I feel particularly comfortable for this black underwear.They are not as oppressed as other conventional underwear, but make me feel more relaxed. This feeling can help me sleep better.

Go out

When I put on my clothes, I realized that one of the reasons I like to wear sexy underwear is that it makes me feel more confident.I can proudly show my beauty in public, making me feel like a sexy queen.

Work experience

When I work, I can focus more on my work, because I wear this sexy underwear to make me feel more confident and charming.

At night

When night comes, I really experience the advantages of wearing this sexy underwear.I can ignite my love, which makes me and my partner more intimate.My partner was obviously excited about my dress, and sexy underwear made our interaction more enthusiastic and passionate.

the next day

The next day I chose a set of red lace sexy underwear. This underwear is more explicit and full of interest and charm, which makes me look forward to the moment tonight.

Health consideration

Since I wear sexy underwear for a long time, I start to consider whether it has an impact on health.However, in fact, I don’t have any adverse effects in sexy underwear.They are made of high -quality, comfortable materials, which are very breathable and comfortable and will not cause any health problems.

Emotional experience

When I was wearing this red -colored sexy underwear, I found that emotions were deeper and deeper.I have a higher degree of sexy, and my interaction with the other half is closer and closer, which increases our emotional connection.

Sense of confidence

Unlike the sexy underwear on the first day, this underwear is more sexy, more explicit, and more teasing.However, I feel more confident and charming. This is one of the part of sexy underwear that makes me feel very attractive.

Bright spot

I think the highlight of wearing a sexy underwear is to increase self -confidence and sexy.For any purpose, wearing erotic underwear will make people feel more relaxed and charming.Of course, this experience is definitely not everyone likes, because everyone has different preferences.But for me, my experience proves the advantages of wearing sex underwear, making me more like my body and my sexy characteristics.

in conclusion

I hope this experience I will share can encourage more women to try to wear sexy lingerie.Unless you are a professional, you may not be ignored by the benefits of sexy underwear.In my opinion, wearing erotic underwear is a very good way to relax and increase self -confidence and improve the quality of sex.

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