Wear sex underwear whip

Wear sex underwear whip

Interest underwear is not only a way of dressing, but also a way to express love and sexy.What do you wear when you want to become a sexy woman?Sex underwear must be the best choice.So, what problems should I pay attention to in the scene of wearing a sexy underwear?

Choose the right sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must consider your body.For example, if you are tall, do not choose sexy underwear with too thin fabrics, because during the whipping process, your skin will cause pain due to friction.Therefore, it is important to choose a sexy underwear that conforms to your own figure.

Understand the whipping skills

For whipping, skills are very important.Otherwise, not only can not play the effect of sexy underwear, but it may also cause harm to yourself.Therefore, when whipping, it is best to learn some related skills first.For example, master the timing of force, direction of force, force, and so on.

Choose a suitable whip

The effects of different types of whip are also different.When choosing a whip, determine according to your personality, preferences, and tolerance of pain.Some people like to use leather whip, while others prefer to use hemp rope.When choosing, pay attention to the length and weight of the whip.

initial preparation work

Before the whipping process, you need to make some preparations.For example, to confirm the safety of the venue to prevent damage.At the same time, we must also prepare some disinfected items to prevent infection.Throughout the process, you need to pay attention to adjusting your partner’s breathing, diet and environment.

Enough communication

For this high -risk behavior, you must communicate with your partner enough.After determining this behavior, you must also discuss the issues that you need to pay attention to during the process, whether you can bear it.If you find unsuitable situations, you must adjust it in time to avoid more serious consequences.

Reasonably control the strength of whipping

In the process of whipping, we must control it reasonably.If it is too light, the stimulus of the entire process will weaken, and if it is too heavy, it will cause damage to the partner.According to the actual situation of the partner, a reasonable force parameter can be developed in order to get good results.

Pay attention to the privacy of the place

When doing such behavior, you must pay attention to the privacy of the place.If the place is too public, it may be discovered by others.This will not only affect the safety of the place, but also affect the process of the entire sexy underwear whip.Therefore, it is best to choose a safe and private place for such activities.

Enjoy the process of whipping

Interest underwear whipping is a very exciting process.In the process of enjoying, you can try a variety of ways to whip and feel different stimuli.In the process, you can also try some other interesting experiences to increase the irritation and better enjoyment of the entire process.

in conclusion

In general, the high -risk behavior of sexy underwear whip needs to be prepared for appropriateness, and you need to pay attention to the privacy of the venue, the choice of whipping, the whipping skills, and so on.In this process, we must have enough communication and trust so that you and your partners can enjoy the whipping experience.

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