Wear sex underwear to make novels

1 Introduction

Interest underwear is a kind of clothing designed to add fun and entertainment.It can be sexy, strange or interesting, designed to increase the activities of intimacy and sexual life.In this article, we will explore the experience of wearing sexy underwear and explore its huge impact on the plot of the novel.

2. Choose the right sexy underwear

To make sexy underwear play its role in novels, we must first choose the right style.Different body, personality, and scenes need different underwear.For example, leather erotic underwear is more suitable for healthy and lively characters. If it describes exquisite and elegant female images, it is recommended to choose sexy underwear made of silk and lace materials.

3. Describe the details of the underwear

Drawing details is an important means to build scenes and describe characters, and the sexy underwear itself is rich in characteristics and details, and the description of the details is like adding gorgeous colors.For the details of the underwear, you do not need to be too cumbersome, but you should carefully depict the key parts, such as flower type, material, straps, cooked copper buckles, etc., so that readers can feel the texture of the sexy underwear and their supplementary descriptions of the character image.

4. Emphasize the importance of sexy underwear

The element of sexy underwear reflects its role in emotion and atmosphere.It can help the characters self -confidence, push the atmosphere to a climax, and bring a stronger color.Through the description of erotic underwear, it emphasizes its shaping of the character image and the advancement of plot development, further highlights the theme and emotion of the novel, and creates a more vivid visual effect.

5. Explore underwear and psychological relationships

Interest underwear is not only a visual experience, but also is likely to deeply affect the psychological state of the characters. This has also become an important means to build a vivid and connotation of the character.For example, after wearing a sexy and confident underwear, it may promote the more open behavior of the heroine and a more active attitude.Describing the changes in the emotions and perceptions of underwear, it can better shape the inner personality and moral quality.

6. Interaction between characters and sexy underwear

Describe how the character interact with sex underwear is also an indispensable link to build scenes and deeply dig the connotation of characters.For example, the self -confidence of women who wear ordinary clothes have been improved after wearing sexy underwear. What kind of moves and reactions will they have, and can they further play their personality?At the same time, the interaction between underwear and characters is also an effective means to help characters to correct personality and personality.

7. Give full play to the function of sexy underwear

The functions of sexy underwear are not only coloring and shaping, but also the effect of creative and changing, injecting more vitality and variables into the promotion of the plot and the description of the character image.For example, the underwear transformed into a pirate’s clothing, which evoked the protagonist’s passion and adventure spirit after wearing it, and crossed the new realm; the mysterious material of the underwear can also help the characters to complete certain tasks.

8. Consider the combination of underwear and scenes

Choosing the right sexy underwear must not only consider the character image, but also need to consider environmental scenes.Suitable underwear can help better express the atmosphere and character mentality, and also pay attention to the coordination and match with the overall style of the scene.

9. Avoid erotic underwear towards vulgarity

Moderate erotic underwear description helps rich details and character image shapes, but excessive and vulgar descriptions will make readers show off and show off their own disgust and interest, thereby reducing the reading value of novels.Choosing the right underwear and moderate description can better ensure the value and quality of the novel.

10. Conclusion

In short, sexy underwear plays a very important role in the plot of the novel.It can inject more colors and details for the character image and plot, and also provide readers with visual and emotional experience.But the premise is that you must choose and describe sexy underwear correctly to ensure its role and cultural value, avoid the risks of vulgarity and even vulgar, to achieve the best narrative effect.

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