Wear sex underwear dry ED2K

1 Introduction

Interest underwear is a manifestation of sexy and personality in modern women. It can not only add charm to women, but also make the romance between couples more interesting.However, some people still have strangeness and misunderstandings about sexy underwear, and even feel ashamed and bad about it.This article aims to solve everyone’s confusion about sexy underwear, so that more people can solve the types, styles and matches of love underwear. Wearing erotic underwear can also deepen the emotions between each other.

2. Frequent erotic lingerie styles

The style of sexy underwear can be described as in various states. According to different designs and uses, it can be divided into multiple types, such as::

a) BABYDOLL: This type of sexy lingerie style mostly uses lace, transparent mesh and other materials. You can choose the style of loose or closing.It usually has a long hem and a soft feel, suitable for women who want to create a gentle and romantic atmosphere.

b) Bralette: This style is made of light, low -key, and more focused on the sexy display of the collarbone and arm mouth.In addition to wearing underwear, it can also be used with high waist pants or skirts to create a fashionable and sexy feeling.

c) Bodysuit: This type of sexy underwear is similar to tights. It can be completely wrapped in the skin between the torso and the navel. It is suitable for wearing high waist pants or short skirts, which can bring bold and avant -garde sexy effects.


3. Quota underwear material

The material of sexy underwear is diverse, and different materials will bring different visual effects and wear experiences.

a) Lace: This is the most common sexy lingerie material. The delicate and retro texture of lace can bring a soft, romantic and sexy feeling to women.

b) Silk: The simplicity, elegant and gorgeous sexy of the silk shows the self -confidence. Because of its smooth texture, it feels comfortable to wear.

c) Transparent yarn: The transparent texture of the transparent yarn can show women’s body curve and skin texture, creating a sexy and charming atmosphere.


4. How to choose sexy underwear

For those who are about to choose to buy fun underwear, the following points are not to be missed:

a) First determine the type of body: the personal needs of sexy underwear are very high, and wearing a sexy underwear suitable for your body can better show the effect.

b) Select the color that suits you: color is one of the important design elements of sexy underwear. Choose the color to consider according to your temperament and skin color.

c) Selected material: The material of sex underwear is also an important consideration element. The materials such as transparent yarn, lace, etc. have their own characteristics. Do not pursue the appearance when choosing.


5. How to wear sex underwear

The correct way of dressing can greatly enhance the overall beauty of sexy underwear. The following steps can be used for reference:

a) Screening appropriate underwear: Fun underwear and underwear can be coordinated. If you want to wear perfect sexy underwear, it is best to choose the same or similar underwear.

b) Adjust the bra and panties size: If the size of the bra or panties is too large or too small, the wear effect will be affected, and it will even cause physical discomfort.

c) Pay attention to details: Each design of the sex underwear has its unique charm. The details may not be easily detected, but the details can take the overall sexy underwear shape to the next level.


6. Sex underwear and sex toys matching

Interest underwear and sexy toys can make couples add more fun and fun in the process of sex.

a) Belly Board: You can match sex buds stockings and sexy suits, which is more flirting.

b) Lian Sports Lover: You can match sex toys such as handcuffs and straps to add fun and humiliation.

c) Relaxed pajamas: There are deep V or 9 -shaped design on the chest, which can be paired with some sexy props, such as stockings, shawls, high heels, etc., which look particularly tempting.


7. Falling underwear maintenance method

Interesting underwear is well -maintained, it can not only maintain color, texture and performance, but also prolong the life life of sexy underwear.

a) Hand washing: Use hand washing as much as possible, and avoid using washing machines to avoid damaging the material and design structure of sexy underwear.

b) Use neutral cleaner: In order to avoid erosive underwear, use neutral cleaner as much as possible.

c) Avoid exposure: Most of the sexy underwear is made of light and transparent material, which is not tolerant to sun and rain, so avoid exposure or store in a ventilated place to avoid direct sun exposure.


8. The point of view of sexy underwear

In my opinion, sexy underwear, as an ancient cultural relic, has been given new fashion and artistic elements by modern people. It is also a combination of sexy and beauty, allowing people to understand the fun and communication of sex and sex.

At the same time, we should also avoid excessive dependence and indulgence. The wearing of sexy underwear needs to be measured, maintaining its own comfort and dignity. I hope that everyone can get happiness and beauty in the process of wearing sexy underwear.

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