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Sexy tuning: Introduction to sex underwear

Sex underwear is a special way of training, making your lover feel a unique panic and excitement.Sexy tunes get rid of the restraint through sexy underwear and enter a state of freedom.If you are looking for a new way to stimulate your love life, then sexy lingerie training is a good choice.Here are some simple techniques to help you get started.

Buy the right sexy underwear

The material and design of sexy underwear are crucial.If you want to be successful, you must first buy a suitable set of sexy underwear.Don’t just look at whether the design is beautiful, and more importantly, choose a sexy underwear that suits you and his partner style and figure.

Get rid of shy psychology

Go out of the usual restraint and shyness, try to share your wishes and fantasies with your partner, and enjoy the process of training together.In the process, opening and communication are very important.

Create the correct atmosphere

Create a suitable environment, including music, lighting, odor, etc., which can make the training process more excited, mysterious and exciting.In addition, sexy underwear training is best performed in a private space to reduce the psychology of the partner being disturbed by the outside world.

Experience different tuning methods

There are many ways to teach sex underwear. You can try to imitate the plot of videos or novels, or explore your own desires and fantasies more freely and openly.In the training, many people are willing to try new role -playing, props or toys.

Increasing physical excitement

In sexy underwear training, physical sensory stimuli is also very important.You can try to use cotton, stockings, leather and other items to strengthen the sensory stimulus of sexy underwear to help you and your partner are immersed in the atmosphere of training more deeply.

Don’t forget security

In the process of enjoying tuning, security must also be given priority.Pay attention to whether there are allergic reactions or hidden dangers in other physical aspects. When using props or toys, use and pay attention to cleaning and hygiene issues.

Explore your desire

Sexual underwear training is a journey of exploration and self. Everyone’s desire and preference will be different.In the fast -paced life of rigid, looking for your inner desire is actually such a slight and important difference.

Slowly strengthen the effect

In the process of your exploration, make sure that everything is certain, slow and stable.Don’t focus all your energy on "perfect", but focus on the feelings and reactions of yourself and his partner, and let the training process go deeply.

Enjoy the process of tuning

Finally, don’t forget the purpose of sexy underwear training to enjoy the whole process.Don’t pursue perfection too much. Every detail in the process of training has its own charm. The key is to open up generously and slowly understand the new stimulus feeling.


Fun underwear training is not only physical enjoyment, but also a journey of self -exploration and discovery.It can help us jump out of our usual comfort zone, get rid of restraint, show ourselves, and create a special panic and excitement.However, at any time, pay attention to safety and carefully handle all issues in sexy underwear.Finally, don’t forget to enjoy the entire process and rejuvenate love and sex.

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