Village wild model fun underwear

Village wild model fun underwear

Background introduction

With the development of the economy and the popularity of the Internet, sex underwear, as a special underwear style, has gradually popularized to various fields, even rural areas.Therefore, some wild models also began to try to take sexy underwear photos to earn some out of fast.

Female underwear style suitable for rural wild models

For rural wild models, some sexy sexy underwear may be too avant -garde and radical.Therefore, it is best to choose some simple and generous styles that can show their own advantages.For example, the sling of the deep V -neckline or the sexy underwear covered with the entire upper body is very suitable for the shooting of rural wild models.

Material selection

For rural wild models, it is more suitable to choose some sexy underwear that is not too high.In terms of materials, it is not recommended to choose too delicate materials, because this may cause harm to the wild mold.Therefore, cotton and lace are good choices.

color match

In terms of color, rural wild models usually prefer to choose lighter colors, such as light blue and light powder.These colors are gentle and elegant, and they are also more suitable for the environmental atmosphere of rural areas.

size selection

There may be differences in the sexy underwear of different brands. Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, the wild model must first understand its own size.If the size is inappropriate, it will not only affect the aesthetic effect, but also cause discomfort to the body.

Shooting skills

When taking photos of sexy underwear, pay attention to the control of light and angle.Different light and angle will bring different shooting effects.At the same time, wild models should also pay attention to the adjustment of their own posture to show the beauty of sexy underwear.


The maintenance of sexy underwear is very important.When cleaning, you can use cooked water and washing fluid gently.Do not use too hot water or use strong alkaline or acidic detergents.When drying, it is best to choose a place to avoid direct sunlight.

the way of buying

For rural wild models, it is convenient and affordable to buy online.You can choose some online adult supplies malls for purchase.At the same time, you can also choose through Taobao, Pinduoduo and other shopping platforms.

Security Question

For rural wild models, the shooting of sexy underwear is not acceptable to everyone.Therefore, when shooting, you must pay attention to the safety of the surrounding environment.If some people’s behavior causes discomfort to the wild model, be sure to call the police in time.


In summary, sexy underwear suitable for rural wild models requires comprehensive consideration of various factors such as style, material, color matching, and size selection.At the same time, wild models also need to pay attention to the safety issues of shooting skills and the surrounding environment when shooting.Through scientific purchase and use, it can make sexy underwear better display women’s beauty and charm.

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