Vacuum erotic underwear Thunder

What is a vacuum and sexy underwear?

Vacuum erotic lingerie is a special sexy underwear. It uses vacuum adsorption to strengthen the tall and firm breasts.This underwear is composed of straws, vacuum pumps and underwear cups.The vacuum adsorption between the straw and the cup pulled the air out, making the chest compressing, and the breasts became more upright.This underwear is very popular in modern times and is one of the choices of many women.

How to wear lively and sexy underwear?

Different clothes are different from ordinary underwear.First of all, choose the right size, put the underwear cup above the chest, and hang the straw in the corresponding position.Then, according to the instructions of the use of the straw and the vacuum pump.Some lively and sexy underwear also have batteries, making it more convenient to use.When wearing, operate according to the instructions of the use to avoid excessive compression of the breast, leading to unnecessary damage.

What are the advantages of vacuum sexy underwear?

Vacuum erotic underwear has many advantages, such as: (1) Firming chest: Vacuum adsorption can make the breasts firmer and tall.(2) Improve self -confidence: Wearing special sexy underwear can make women feel more confident and sexy.(3) Improve comfort: Vacuum erotic underwear has a certain degree of softness, and the comfort is very high when wearing.

What are the disadvantages of vacuum sexy underwear?

There are also some disadvantages of vacuum erotic underwear, such as: (1) Wearing it for a long time will have discomfort: wear too long will affect the chest circulation, and the discomfort will gradually appear.(2) It has a certain impact on the body: long time wearing will affect the body and cause some harm to the chest.(3) High price: Vacuum sexy lingerie is more costly, so it will be more expensive than ordinary underwear.

How to choose lively sexy underwear?

Selecting a few factors that are suitable for you, you need to consider several factors, including: (1) Size: Size must be appropriate, too large and too small will affect the use effect.(2) Brand: Brand is an important factor when choosing underwear. The brand is different, and the quality and price will be different.(3) Style: The style of the underwear also needs to be selected according to its own needs, and the color and style of the underwear should be selected according to your own clothes.

How to clean the real fun underwear?

Washing and beautiful underwear is the same as general underwear. You need to choose a cleaning method according to the material of the underwear cup to avoid causing the cup deformation or damage.(1) Some underwear cups can be cleaned with water and soap.(2) Some need to be cleaned with warm water.The use of hot water will affect the quality of the underwear and reduce the underwear cup.

What are the use of vacuum sex lingerie?

The use of vacuum sex lingerie is relatively diverse, for example: (1) dating: underwear can make women more sexy and confident at dating.(2) Party: In some parties, under the circumstances, underwear can make you more eye -catching.(3) At home: More people also choose to wear various types of sexy underwear at home to enhance their charm and sexy.

How to maintain the lively sexy underwear?

It is very important to maintain the lingerie underwear and can extend the life of the underwear.(1) Storage: It is very important to store underwear properly. It is best to put underwear in the underworld bag to prevent the cup from deforming or damaging.(2) Avoid excessive held: Do not wear more than 5 hours to avoid affecting the body.(3) Clean: Wash and dry underwear in time to maintain the quality and color of the underwear.

Does vacuum sex underwear affect health?

Wearing lively and sexy underwear for a long time will have a certain impact on the health of the body.Excessive compression of the breast can cause breast drooping, and even destroy the breast tissue, affecting the health of the breast.Therefore, wearing time and usage method should be carried out in accordance with the instructions and the advice of the doctor.

in conclusion

Vacuum sex lingerie has become a choice for modern women, which can help women strengthen self -confidence and show themselves.When wearing, you should be fully prepared.There is no problem using sexy underwear appropriately, but it is necessary to clean the underwear in time and wear correctly to avoid harm to the body. Wear it with the advice of the doctor.

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