V -character sex underwear photo

V -character sex underwear photo

In many sexy underwear shops, you can often see various styles of underwear.Among them, V -character -character underwear is a relatively unique style. It has an surprising effect, which is impressed by people.Today, let’s take a look at the knowledge and characteristics of this underwear.

V definition of V -Spoils (H2)

V -character sexy underwear is a sexy underwear with a unique appearance. The Chinese name is "Hacker Tarmeal T -type pants".It abandons the standard fabrics in traditional underwear and completely separate the front and rear parts.In addition, the position of the crotch is similar to a bow, which is the most distinctive place with a V -shaped shape.

Materials for making V -character sex underwear (H2)

V -character sex underwear is generally elastic fabrics, such as polyester or laser.Due to the special shape of the underwear, the fabric must have excellent elasticity to ensure comfort and comfort.

H history of V -Spoil of Swing Lingerie (H2)

The history of V -word sex underwear is not very long. Its creation was launched by American underwear manufacturers in 2008. At first, there were only dark styles. Later, other color series were launched, which was widely popular.

The best choice body type (H2)

V -character sexy underwear is a unique and attractive sexy underwear.Although it is not a style suitable for everyone, some people with a slim figure and people with moderate hips are very good.Whether in a sex party or on the bed, wearing V -line sex underwear can get the best results.

How to properly wear V -character interest underwear (H2)

It takes some skills to wear V -character sex underwear.First, you need to prepare the suitable size and color.Secondly, ensure that the underwear is perfectly matched with the strap.Then pull the bow of the bow of the underwear up, and then tie the thin rope on the waist.Finally, carefully placed the bow on the hips.

The applicable occasion of V -character sex underwear (H2)

For women who like to try new things, wearing V -line sex underwear to participate in sex parties is an absolute winner.In private time, wearing this underwear can bring you a different experience and surprise to you and your partner.

Maintenance V -character Interesting underwear (H2)

Maintenance of V -lines of sexy underwear is the same as the maintenance of basic underwear.It is recommended to dry the peace booth with hand.If you have to use a washing machine, you should choose a smooth program and use a mild detergent.

Summary (H2)

V -character sex lingerie is a sexy trend.Its unique shape and creative design add more temptation and personality to women’s appearance.If you want to make some new attempts in your fun life, V -word sex underwear is your best choice.

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