Ultra -Loose Underwear Walking Video


Recently, the catwalk videos of various ultra -exposed lingerie have continued to swipe screens on major online platforms.These sexy underwear styles are not only very tempting in appearance, but also exquisitely designed and excellent materials, which can make women feel comfortable and confident when wearing.This article will take you to understand some of the most popular super -exposed lingerie styles and its characteristics.

1. The same color perspective style

The same color perspective style is a very sexy sexy lingerie style. The main feature is that the transparent material is used to show the female figure.The perspective part is usually made of lace or mesh, which can create a unique effect: both explicit and charming.The same color can maintain the coordination of the overall color, fashionable and solemn.

2. Lace breast sticker style

The lace chest sticker style focuses on highlighting the sexy lingerie style of women’s chest. It is made of lace material to create a sexy and prominent effect.At the same time, it also has a good collection of sidelines and top support, making the chest lines more curvy, making women more confident when wearing.

3. Three -point style

The three -point format refers to a sexy underwear composed of three small dots, usually a T -shaped small three -point underwear and two triangular upper combinations.The appearance of three -point clothing is minimalist. In short, it is exposed to expose it. It is the first choice for many women to create a perfect body.

4. Bonder style

The restraint style is a sexy lingerie style based on lace and leather as the main material, and fix the effect of making restraint effects on the body with a rope or chain.This sexy lingerie style is characterized by maximizing the female body curve and giving people a sense of challenge limit.

5. Rabbit girl style

Rabbit Girl’s style sexy underwear usually uses black or white as the main color. It has very strong desire temptation and charm.It is generally composed of tight -fitting clothes and supporting rabbit cards, necklines, etc., which has a unique whispering essence.

6. close -fitting tight style

The tight -fitting style is a very classic sexy underwear style. It can wrap the body tightly, especially the hips and waist, showing the beauty of women’s curves.Generally, velvet, lace or soft materials make women feel comfortable and comfortable, and interpret their femininity charm during the wear process.

7. Delosal style

The characteristic of the dew -waist -style sexy underwear is to expose the waist, not only with a comfortable effect, but also charming and charming.This sexy underwear usually uses satin, soft skin and other fabrics, with lace or mesh decoration, which is natural and beautiful.

8. Nightclub style

The nightclub style is a sexy lingerie style for nightlife venues.It reflects charming, sexy, and decadent. Many nightclub -style sexy underwear can show bold and emotional, enhance temperament and charm.Of course, nightclub underwear is not suitable for all figures and styles, and you should choose according to your body proportion.

9. Popular style

At present, the range of sexy underwear is becoming more and more extensive, and many new styles have appeared, such as letter printing style, leather style, bronze style, hand -inlaid diamond style, and so on.These new sexy underwear increasingly integrate artistic and fashionable elements, becoming a must -have accessories for fashion women.

10. Conclusion

In many ways, sexy underwear is more diverse than ordinary underwear, and more based on sexy design concepts.Whether you want to challenge the style of dress or share extra confidence, you can always find a sexy underwear that suits you.Therefore, women must choose according to their physical characteristics, taste and temperament when buying sexy underwear in order to truly walk at the cutting -edge of fashion.

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