TV series with a girlfriend sexy underwear

TV series with a girlfriend sexy underwear

First scene: Choose underwear

At the beginning of the TV series, the actor Mr. Peng is selecting the sexy underwear that meets his girlfriend’s request in the mall.He began to be inferior and confused, and he didn’t know how to buy.However, when he did his homework and accumulated some professional knowledge, the skills of his choice of underwear improved, and he found that choosing a suitable underwear is actually a wonderful experience.If you encounter the same situation, please don’t be afraid.First of all, please understand your girlfriend’s preferences, body shape and dressing style, and then know your budget and restrictions. Finally, choose the underwear style suitable for your girlfriend.

Second scene: red underwear

In the next plot, Mr. Peng chose a hot red sexy underwear.He believes that this is a good gift, but he is worried that his girlfriend doesn’t like it.In the end, his girlfriend received a gift, and was surprised and excited.Red underwear can inspire people’s emotions, which can double the self -confidence and charm of women.If you want your girlfriend to feel sexy and free, you might as well choose a red underwear, it will make improvements in the love world.

The third scene: black underwear

In the progress of the TV series, the heroine was worried that the underwear she wore was out of date and did not match.The actor decided to give her a set of black underwear as a gift.Black underwear is very classic and is one of the essential options for each woman.This color of underwear is almost suitable for all skin tone and body shape, and it will also have a mouth -watering effect in combination.Black underwear is also an excellent choice for women who want to increase interest or adjust their body curve.

Fourth scene: white underwear

In another plot of the TV series, the heroine was invited to participate in his relatives, and the actor deliberately prepared a white sex lingerie gift.This color of underwear can not only show their elegance to those who have a hobby, but also perfect the temperament, taste and charm of women.A relative gathering is a good time. Choosing a occasion and props that meet the occasion will make your girlfriend feel very happy.

Fifth scene: pink underwear

In the subsequent plot of the TV series, the actor chose pink underwear.This color of underwear represents women’s softness and beauty.It is also a good choice for having a girl’s heart or desire to show cuteness.In addition to adding a cute temperament to his girlfriend, this can also increase the feelings between lover and add romantic elements to novel occasions.

Sixth scene: lace underwear

In another scene of the TV series, the leading actor chose a black and lace decoration sexy underwear.Lace underwear is a kind of more hobby among women. They are charming and sexy, and can even make the girl who is more confident and shows themselves boldly in front of her lover.If you want your girlfriend to feel sexy and more confident, lace underwear can help her reach ideals.

Seventh scene: transparent underwear

In the final paragraph of the TV series, the actor decided to choose a transparent sexy underwear.Transparent decorative underwear can create a visual mystery.This underwear allows women to gain more charm and beauty in virtual.However, choosing transparent underwear is not at your fingertips, you need to be careful and precipitated.The body curve, size, and even the choice of fabrics need to be considered.If you want your girlfriend to feel mysterious and sexy, and leave some imagination space for the other party, choosing transparent underwear is a good choice.

Eighth Scene: Conclusion

Through this TV series, we can learn many knowledge about choosing sexy underwear suitable for girlfriends.We need to consider the body, wearing and temperament of the lover, and the quality of the purchase and the quality of items.In this process, men will add different aspects of skills, such as clothing selection skills and understanding of women’s preferences.All in all, by properly sending women’s sexy underwear to increase the sexy and self -feelings of women, make the girlfriend more beautiful and confident, and get your admiration again, and can also strengthen the consolidation of the relationship between the two people.

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