Tunting milk and eating milk H sexy underwear

What is tuning and eating milk H sex underwear

Tuning milk H sexy underwear is a sexy underwear that simulates baby’s milk scenes.It is usually composed of a tight suspender skirt and a pair of bras of simulated nipples.This kind of sexy underwear allows women to feel the pleasure of being taken care of and protected, and can also satisfy the fantasy of men’s desire to control the desire and nanny.

Ten the types of breastfeeding H sexy underwear

There are many types of tuning milk H sexy underwear. Common ones are infant clothes, nanny clothes, sexy dairy cows, etc.Different types are mainly reflected in the shape and design of clothing, and they all have the function of simulating baby eating milk scenes.

Material for tuning milk H sexy underwear

The material of tuning milk H sexy underwear is usually soft and comfortable cotton and silk materials. The simulated nipple inside the bra is generally highly elastic material, making women feel the real touch and enhance the real sense of nanny fantasy.

Cultivation of feeding and eating milk H sexy underwear accessories

The accessories for tuning milk H sexy underwear are mainly bottle and pacifiers.The bottle is a prop to pour the milk into it, allowing men to simulate and feed women.The pacifier makes women feel a real sense of sucking, so as to better experience the feeling of being tuned.

How to use the how to use milk and eat milk H sexy underwear

The use of tuning feeding H sex underwear requires both men and women to reach a consensus, and ensure that the two sides maintain mutual respect while satisfying fantasy.Women need to put on bra and suspenders, and men need to use breast bottles and pacifiers to simulate the scene of feeding and feeding.

Precautions for tuning milk H sexy underwear

Tuning milk H sexy underwear is a special sex toy. You need to pay attention to the following:

Make sure the simulated nipples inside the bra are clean and hygienic, and regularly clean and disinfection.

When using a bottle, you need to confirm the source of milk and avoid using unsanitary items.

Make sure it will not cause damage or discomfort to the body when using it.

Pay attention to mutual respect in the process of playing, and do not make any uncomfortable or disappointment of any party.

Advanced to eat milk H sex underwear advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of tuning milk H sexy underwear is that it can simulate the scene of nanny and babies, giving people a very delicate and warm feeling, which can not only meet spiritual needs, but also bring joy to the body and enhance sexual fun.However, if the two sides are not used properly, they may cause discomfort or pain to the body.

Tune the relationship between eating milk H erotic underwear and moral concepts

Many people question their relationship with moral concepts for tuning and eating milk H sexy underwear.But in fact, sex itself is not a moral problem. As long as they complete this behavior, both sides are voluntary and can be satisfied psychologically and physical. This behavior is healthy.

in conclusion

Tuning milk H sexy underwear is an interesting and exciting sex toy, which can satisfy the nurses and children’s fantasy of both men and women.However, you need to pay attention to some issues when using. Both sides should ensure mutual respect and active choices, and do not force others to perform such behaviors.Sex is a healthy and natural physiological needs. As long as it does not hurt others, any form of expression is acceptable.

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