Top Ten Sex Plasma

Top Ten Sex Plasma

1. Open underwear

Opening panties is a sexy sexy underwear, suitable for sex games or private dating.They have a variety of styles, including the front, the opening, and the dual opening.

2. Three points

The three -point style is a teasing sexy underwear. It only contains three small objects: bra, chest stickers and T -shaped pants.This underwear style is suitable for unique sex stroke games.

3. Japanese style underwear

Japanese -style underwear is a very popular sexy underwear. Their design is simple and durable. Generally, soft silk and lace fabrics are used to make them more comfortable.

4. Pure -colored lace underwear

Pure -colored lace underwear is a simple and elegant sexy lingerie style. It is known for its light design, soft fabric and gorgeous lace design.

5. Swimsuit and bikini underwear

Swimsuit and bikini underwear are a very sexy underwear. It usually uses more durable materials during design to deal with severe exercise in water and beach games.

6. wide shoulder strap bra

The wide shoulder strap bra is a very practical sexy underwear. They are equipped with a wider shoulder strap, which can provide better support while providing comfort.

7. sticky bra

The sticky bra is a kind of sexy underwear without straps. The design can effectively avoid the visual interference caused by the shoulder straps, and it can also add sexy and playful.

8. Open bra

Open bra is a very sexy and teasing sexy underwear. Its design usually has tailoring openings, which can expose the chest.

9. lace conjunctiva

Lace conjoin underwear is a very sexy and romantic sexy underwear. Its complete conjoined design can make your chest, back, waist, and hip outline.

10. Beads underwear

Beads are a very sexy and teasing sexy underwear. It is made of beads, which can make women more sexy and charming.


The above ten kinds of fun underwear have different characteristics and applicable scenarios. When choosing sexy underwear, the key is to consider your figure, personality and personal preference.Of course, the most important thing is to choose a underwear that suits you to enhance self -confidence and create a more sexy self -image.

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