Tmall sex lingerie sales rankings

Tmall sex lingerie sales rankings

First place: lace bras suit

Lace bras suite is a star product in Tmall’s sexy lingerie. With its high -quality fabric and exquisite workmanship, it is loved by consumers.Its design is unique and can effectively enhance women’s beautiful curves and show charm.In addition, the lace bras suit uses soft and comfortable underwear materials, which is comfortable to fit.In daily wear, it can also meet women’s underwear needs.Therefore, the lace bras suite can ranks first in the Tmall sex lingerie list.

Second place: sexy pajamas set

The sexy pajamas suit has become the second largest star in the ranking of Tmall’s sexy lingerie with its unique design and sexy style.Sexy pajamas suits are diverse in color and unique in style, suitable for the needs of different sales channels.At the same time, the fabric of the product is high -quality, comfortable to feel, and has an excellent dress. It is sought after by customers.

Third place: sex panties

In the Tmall sex underwear, sexy underwear also performs very strongly, ranking third.Its style is diverse, covering various types such as thongs, trousers, and flat trousers.At the same time, sexy underwear uses high -quality fabrics, soft and comfortable, not only comfortable to fit comfortably, but also shows the beauty of women’s beautiful curves.Therefore, sexy underwear is very popular in Tmall’s sexy underwear sales.

Fourth place: Sexuality Fun Lian Body Socks

Sexual feelings have become the fourth in the ranking of Tmall’s sexy lingerie with their unique design and sexy appearance.Its main feature is that the socks and jackets are made into one, and the body is more tight after putting it on, showing the more perfect curve of women.At the same time, its material is made of high -quality nylon fabrics, which is soft and comfortable to wear, making it difficult to resist.

Fifth place: ultra -thin no -trace underwear suit

The fifth place of the ultra -thin lingerie set is ranked fifth of the Tmall sex lingerie list.This product uses a highly soft underwear material, which is perfectly fitting with the body, and it is very comfortable to wear.Moreover, this underwear uses a unique marksless design, which will not only leave significant traces such as back texture, shoulder strap marks, but also can make the image of the wearer unprecedented naturally, which is highly recognized by customers.

Sixth place: lace sex vest

Lace erotic vests occupy the sixth place in the ranking of Tmall’s sex underwear sales.This underwear uses high -quality fabrics and fine workmanship, showing the perfect body curve of women.Moreover, its design is very fashionable, with excellent lace fabrics, showing women’s bodies more charming and moving.As a result, lace sex vests performed very well in sales and loved by customers.

Seventh place: transparent sexy underwear suit

The transparent erotic underwear suit has become the seventh in the ranking of Tmall’s sexy lingerie with its unique transparent design and sexy appearance.Its design is very attractive. It uses high -quality transparent fabrics to show the characteristics of women’s bodies vividly, showing unparalleled sexy charm.Therefore, transparent sexy lingerie sets are very popular in sales.

Eighth place: abdominal fake meat transparent meat conjoined socks

The abdominal fake transparent meat conjoined socks won the eighth place in the list of Tmall’s sex lingerie sales.The design of this erotic conjoined socks is very exquisite and can effectively shape the curve beauty of women.Its material uses high -quality nylon fabrics, which is very soft and comfortable, allowing the wearer to show his charm in comfort.

Ninth place: sexy lace sex pajamas

Sexy lace sex pajamas have become the ninth place in Tmall’s sex lingerie sales rankings.Its design is fashionable and sexy, using high -quality lace fabrics, showing women’s charming and versatile.At the same time, its comfortable and soft fabric allows the wearer to feel comfortable in the wear.Therefore, it is loved by young women.

Tenth place: sleeveless lace sex pajamas

Sleeveless lace pajamas are ranked tenth in Tmall sex lingerie sales.This fun pajamas use exquisite lace fabric to show the sexy and charming of women. At the same time, its sleeveless design shows the beautiful arm lines of women.When wearing, it can allow the wearer to experience the real comfortable feeling.

In summary, the products on the sales list of Tmall’s sex lingerie are all star products verified by the market.They have excellent sales and are favored by consumers.Of course, the sales of products do not necessarily represent the quality of the product, and you should also choose according to your own needs.

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