There are hanging socks and sexy underwear


With the development of the times, sexy underwear has become more and more sought after by women.The sexy underwear with a strap is a very tempting existence.From the soft and comfortable types of daily use to the sexy temptation type in specific occasions, the charm of hanging socks is recognized by more and more women.

Style introduction

There are many styles of hanging socks. The most common of which are high -waisted and low -waist.High -waist type can effectively cover the lower abdomen, highlight the curve of the body, and the low -waist type is more suitable for women with long legs, and visually increase the curve of the hip.

material selection

The material of sexy underwear is very important, and it needs to be comfortable and elastic.Common materials are silk, lace, polyester fiber, etc.When choosing, women need to choose according to their skin, seasons and occasions.

How to choose a size

The choice of size is very important, because the underwear is too tight or too loose to affect the comfort and effect.When buying, you need to measure your bust, waist, hips, and leg circumference, and then refer to the brand’s size table to select the appropriate size.


Sagittarios are suitable for wearing sexy dating, romantic nights, parties and other occasions.It is very suitable with high heels and long jackets, and does not require too much accessories, because sexy underwear itself is enough.

Maintenance skills

Interest underwear needs to pay attention to maintenance and avoid rubbing and hooking with other items.When cleaning, it is best to wash or use professional underwear cleaning bags to avoid using hot water and bleaching agents.When drying, you can dry the underwear to avoid direct sun or exposure.

Brand recommendation

There are many brands on the market. Stocks launching socks, which are more popular with Victoria’s Secret, La Perla, Agent Provocateur, Honey Birdette and other brands.The style and positioning of different brands can be selected according to their needs.

Price range

The price span of sexy underwear is large. Generally speaking, the price of the brand with better and better quality of sexy underwear is between 100-500 yuan.Of course, there are also low -priced sexy underwear, but quality and workmanship will also be discounted.


When wearing a hanging strap, you need to pay attention not to be too tight to avoid discomfort and affect health.And you need to choose according to the seasons and occasions, not blindly follow the trend and pursue the trend.


As a special underwear style, the hanging socks are loved by female friends.It is hoped that when choosing and matching, you can choose the style and brand that suits you best according to your own needs.

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