The taste of sexy underwear is very heavy

What is a sexy underwear?

Fun underwear opening refers to a opening at the underwear to facilitate sexual behavior or convenient toilet.For some couples, the opening of sexy underwear is a must -have for sexual fun.

S classification of sexy underwear

Fun underwear can be divided into two types. The first is completely open, which is usually called butterfly pants. This underwear is the most open and convenient.The second is semi -open, as the name suggests, is half of the open type, and common fish nets.

Taste of the opening site

Some consumers reflect that the opening site of the sexy underwear is prone to odor. This is mainly because the underwear is prone to breed bacteria. Some materials themselves have odors. At the same time, the opening part is directly exposed to the genitals, which is more likely to cause odor problems.

Choose a sexy underwear with the right material

If you choose the material, you must be optimistic about the quality. For pure cotton materials, it is resistant to washing and hot, soft and breathable, and it is easier to clean than nylon and other blended materials.At the same time, it is recommended to choose natural fibers such as Modal and long velvet cotton.

Pay attention to cleaning and disinfection

The opening site of the sexy underwear is prone to odor, so it is recommended to replace it once a day, and usually clean and disinfect regularly.To avoid using laundry powder and laundry liquid containing chlorine bleach, warm water and neutral detergent should be used.

Avoid wearing for a long time

Long -term dressing will make the opening part of the sexy underwear produce odor, and it is too humid, and it is easy to breed bacteria and cause infection. Therefore, it is recommended to wear it during sexual life. Do not wear it for a long time.

Choose a suitable size

Selection of sexy underwear must be appropriate. Excessive or too small will make the opening of the opening site insufficient, leading to odor problems.In addition, too small size will affect the comfort of wearing.

Pay attention to quality when buying

When buying sex underwear, you must pay attention to the quality, choose reputable manufacturers and businesses, and try to avoid buying cheap inferior products.If you encounter the taste of the opening site, you can contact the merchant to consult the return and exchange.

Select the style with personal conditions

Different people’s physical condition and sexual preferences are different. Therefore, when choosing sexy lingerie, you should choose combined with personal conditions.For example, some people may not wear some styles because they are too large or small, and they need to choose the suitable product.

in conclusion

In short, while adding sexy underwear, it is also necessary to pay attention to the problems of hygiene and quality.Reasonable selection and use of sexy underwear can make life better.

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