The supply path of opening a sex lingerie store

Company direct supply

To open a sexy underwear store, you need to find a suitable supply way.First of all, we can consider directly purchasing directly from the underwear supplier company.This method can ensure the quality of goods and after -sales service, and it can also establish long -term stable cooperative relationships with manufacturers.Generally speaking, we can purchase directly from brand manufacturers, foundries or foreign trade companies.

Brand manufacturer supply

Brand manufacturers refer to those underwear manufacturers with their own brands.The quality of these manufacturers is relatively guaranteed, and the market influence and popularity are relatively large.Choosing a brand manufacturer’s supply is a relatively stable choice for new stores.In addition, the price of brand manufacturers is relatively high and requires a certain amount of capital strength.

Foundry supply

The foundry refers to the underwear manufacturers who do not have their own brands and only do processing and produce.These manufacturers generally sell their capacity to brand manufacturers or foreign trade companies.Establishing cooperative relationships with foundries can effectively reduce procurement costs.At the same time, foundries are generally small, and production specifications and after -sales services may not be as good as brand manufacturers.

Supply of foreign trade companies

Foreign trade companies refer to companies that export domestic underwear products to foreign countries, especially trading companies.The advantage of foreign trade companies is that they can provide rich underwear products, with a wide range of market networks, and there are many after -sales service nodes.However, purchasing costs are generally slightly higher than brand manufacturers and foundries.

E -commerce platform supply

The current e -commerce platforms, such as Taobao,, Pinduoduo, etc., can also become a supply way for sex lingerie shops.The cost of purchasing through the e -commerce platform is lower than that of brand manufacturers and foundries, and the choice is relatively wide.However, we need to pay attention to quality problems and after -sales service, especially the solution of customer complaints.

Domestic exhibition procurement

All kinds of underwear exhibitions are held in various places, which is a good place to carry out sexy underwear business.Participating in the underwear exhibition can not only understand the latest developments in the industry, but also understand market demand and corporate business conditions.At the exhibition, you can establish a cooperative relationship with various brand manufacturers and foundries and open up new procurement channels.

Overseas procurement

Some sexy underwear manufacturers have factories and sales outlets abroad, so we can also purchase from overseas.Overseas procurement can expand our supply channels and provide more diverse underwear styles, but it is necessary to consider related tariffs and logistics costs.

Cross -border e -commerce procurement

Cross -border e -commerce procurement can purchase underwear products from various foreign websites.It should be noted that cross -border e -commerce procurement has certain risks. It is necessary to carefully check the seller’s reputation and quality of goods, and need to consider tariffs and logistics issues.

Purchase of elimination of goods

In the process of making products, some brand manufacturers and foundries will have a lot of elimination.In this case, you can consider eliminating the purchase of goods.The procurement price of elimination of goods is generally relatively low.But pay attention to whether the quality and specifications of the goods meet the requirements.

Social channel procurement

Social channel procurement means that through various social media platforms, such as WeChat, QQ groups, Weibo, etc., they directly contact underwear manufacturers and traders for procurement.The advantage of this method is that the purchase cost is low and the order volume is not large, but it is necessary to pay attention to the authenticity and quality of the goods, as well as after -sales issues.


There are many options for supplying the supply of sexy underwear shops.Generally speaking, you need to choose the most suitable supply channel according to your actual situation, capital strength and market demand.In addition to choosing the right supply channel, you also need to pay attention to market changes at all times and adjust the procurement plan in time to ensure the quality and fashion of underwear products.

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