The practice of sexy underwear

The practice of sexy underwear

Importance of material selection

The selection of erotic underwear directly determines the comfort and aesthetics of use, so the selection of materials is very important.Common materials include silk, lace, cotton and cellulose.Choose materials according to the purpose of sexy underwear and personal preferences.

Way to make

The appearance of sexy underwear is complicated than the clothing of other fabrics, so it needs to be careful when making.Determine the way of putting the sample according to the size of the body and the planning drawings, and finally make the paper -like shape.


When tailoring sexy underwear, a certain amount of balance is required, usually 1.2 cm of cutting balance around the clothing.In addition, when the cutting of lace and other sidewalks, it is necessary to cut the line bridge on the tailoring line and prevent damage to over -tailoring.

Points of sewing

The sewing of sexy underwear should pay attention to the color, width and materials of the sewing thread, in order not to damage the overall beauty and texture.The needle should be small and neat, and the same as possible.When suture, elastic sewing should be adopted.

Jewelry processing

The jewelry in sexy underwear includes lace, ribbon, sequins, etc. They need to be processed and sutured after the sewing is completed.Among them, the processing of lace and ribbon needs to be completed by ironing and suture.The sequins need to be processed with a special sewing machine.

Points of quality tube

After the production of sexy underwear is completed, it is necessary to undergo strict quality tube.At this time, you need to pay attention to the essence of texture, size, flower type, color, color, brand logo, etc., and sew and sort out.

Packing details

After the sexy lingerie is made, it is necessary to pack it.When packaging, pay attention to the type, color, size, quality of the underwear, and finally add information such as product labels and barcodes.

Sales and Service

In the process of sales, sexy underwear needs to pay attention to customer needs and preferences, and give appropriate services.At the same time, we must also pay attention to sales channels and publicity and promotion. It is necessary to attract customers who come to consume and ensure the quality of the goods.


The production of sexy underwear needs to start from the aspects of selection, putting samples, cutting, sewing, jewelry processing, quality tube, packaging and sales and services, and each step needs to be carefully produced.Only in continuous accumulation, summary, and improvement can we produce more high -quality and comfortable sexy underwear and provide customers with a better experience.

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