The office wears the gear of sex underwear and television

The office wears the gear of sex underwear and television

Now, more and more women choose to wear sexy underwear in the office, which has also triggered many discussions and speculations.This article will explore why women choose to wear open -stall sex underwear in the office, as well as influence and effects.

Comfort and convenience

For most women, wearing underwear is undoubtedly annoying.When women need to use bathrooms and adjust their posture, etc. in the office, opening the sexy underwear is undoubtedly a good choice.Compared to traditional underwear, the opening and fun underwear can make women clean and hygienic.

Aesthetics and sexy

Modern women pay attention to their own image and self -feelings. Many women choose to open up sexy underwear because they are more attractive visually.They include many types that can meet the needs of women in different personalities and figures.As we all know, self -confident women are more attractive.

Work efficiency

Some women said that after wearing a sexy underwear, they will feel more confident, more energetic, and more motivated.This self -feels helps improve work efficiency and creativity.

Management and supervision

Obviously, wearing a sexy underwear is a topic involving personal preferences and gender identity.Most companies do not stipulate what kind of underwear must be worn at work, but the company’s dressing regulations usually stipulate what kind of clothing is suitable and what is not appropriate.Therefore, how to wear individuals should be coordinated with the company’s regulations.

Professional ethics

Some people linked to professional ethics in sexy underwear wearing open -stalls.However, this view ignores the right to personal free choice.As long as it is appropriate, it will not affect the working environment and the emotional state of others. Women have the right to choose their favorite underwear style.

Social perspective

Fairy underwear is not widely accepted in society because it is considered a symbol of "sexy".Many people think that this kind of dress is not suitable to appear in public.Therefore, wearing a sexy underwear still faces the pressure and restrictions of social perception.

Personal taste

Every woman has her own taste and aesthetics.Although it is not suitable for everyone to open the sexy underwear, they are a way to show their own style and taste for women who like freedom and personality.

Human diversity

Everyone should have the freedom to express their own opinions and express their style.Women’s wearing sexy underwear does not violate any moral guidelines, but it meets the respect of diversity, freedom and personalization.


In general, we cannot regard the choice of women’s opening and sexy underwear as a moral problem, but we should respect their right to choose.The company and employees should respect and coordinate each other in the working environment and abide by moral standards, but at the same time they should respect the individual’s taste and physical choice.

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