The new sex lingerie model is internal and ejaculated

For a new sexy underwear model, it is an extremely embarrassing and uncomfortable experience.This article will discuss this situation in detail to discuss how to prevent and cope with this situation.

1. Post -entry posture

The posture posture is a very popular sex posture.In this posture, men insert their genitals into women’s vagina or anus.For women, this posture may feel very good, but if men directly enter the posture without the consent of women, women may feel pain and uncomfortable.

2. How to prevent

The most important thing that a woman can do is to discuss with her sexual partners and clearly define her feelings and boundaries before sex.If she does not want to try her posture, she should clearly tell men and want men to respect her feelings.Women can also choose sexual behaviors who do not trust her sexual parties.

3. Make sure enough lubricants

If a woman decides to enter the position after trying, she should ensure that sufficient lubricants are used.This will make the sex process more comfortable, reduce pain and discomfort.Women should ensure that the lubricant is prepared before sex and re -apply it at any time in the process of sex.

4. Let men enter slowly

Men should not hurry to enter when inserting women’s genitals.On the contrary, he should slowly enter to give women sufficient time to adapt.Women should also control the insertion speed of men to ensure that it is not too fast or too deep.

5. Stopping as a woman is uncomfortable

If women feel pain or discomfort during sex, she should communicate with her sexual partners.When women are uncomfortable, she should remind men to stop.Sometimes the best measure to take is to try to use other postures to achieve a better sexual experience.

6. Proper rest

If women feel pain or discomfort during sex, she should have enough time to rest and heal.She should avoid continuing sexual behavior under the condition of severe symptoms of pain or discomfort to avoid further damage and discomfort.

7. Ensure good hygiene conditions

Before performing any form of sexual behavior, women should ensure that her and her sexual partners are under good hygiene conditions.She should keep her private parts clean and dry and prevent the abuse of antibiotics.If women have any infection or disease, she should seek medical treatment in time.

8. Summary

In short, for any woman, she should express her feelings and willingness before performing sexual behavior.If she doesn’t want to try any posture, men should respect her feelings.In the post -pose posture, women should ensure that sufficient lubricants are used and controlled men’s insertion speed.If women feel any discomfort or pain, she should communicate with her sexual partners and ensure good rest and hygiene conditions.

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