The male boss sends me a set of sexy underwear

The male boss sends me a set of sexy underwear

One day, I worked overtime in the company and suddenly received a call from my boss, and asked me to go to his office.When I entered his office, he suddenly handed me a box of delicate sexy lingerie and said, "This is a gift I bought for you, I hope you like it."I will talk about my thoughts and suggestions from several aspects.

1. Sexy underwear is a private item

When I received a sexy underwear, I felt my private space was violated.Because sexy underwear is a private item, only I can decide what kind of underwear.Therefore, when I received sex underwear as a gift, I felt very embarrassed.This also reminds us that we must pay attention to each other’s feelings when giving gifts.

2. Underwear choices

If male friends or boss wants to send women’s sexy underwear as a gift, they should have a certain understanding of women’s figures and preferences in order to choose suitable sexy underwear.My boss did not ask my size and style. When I gave me a set of underwear, I found that this set of underwear is not suitable for my figure and wearing habits.Therefore, the choice of underwear is very important.

3. The meaning of gifts

Each gift has its specific meaning.Interest underwear is a relatively private gift. Generally, this gift is a tool for expressing emotions and increasing intimate relationships between men and women.If the boss is given to the subordinate, the meaning of this gift will become blurred.If your boss is sent to his subordinates, it will not only cause resentment and trouble from subordinates, but also may be regarded as sexual harassment.

4. The value of the gift

The value of the gift is not its price, but the meaning it represents.Some gifts seem to be "cheap", but they are highly appreciated because of their unique meaning.Interest underwear can be regarded as a gift for sex. The price is not important. It is important that it brings the emotional experience between men and women.If the value of the gift exceeds the receiver’s wishes or tolerance, it will bring unnecessary embarrassment and surprise.

5. Time to gift

The timing of gifts is also very important.If gifts are delivered at the wrong moment, or gifts are given at the wrong place, it will impress a bad impression.It is very inappropriate for bosses to send fun underwear to their subordinates in the company, which will make employees feel that the environment of the workplace is very embarrassing and uneasy.

6. The intention of the gift

Received the gift of sexy underwear, it is likely to think of the true intention of the boss.If the boss has a very obvious ambiguous behavior on his subordinates, it is easier to be misunderstood as sexual harassment.Therefore, those who give gifts must maintain proper distance and behavior to avoid impressions of people.Otherwise, even if the intention is not like that, it is easy to be treated as sexual harassment.

7. Response of gifts

After receiving the gift, the way of gift receiver responded to the presenter.Response gifts should be determined according to the significance of the situation and the gift.If the gift received is very unsuitable, or the relationship between the two parties does not match the relationship between the two parties, you can euphemistically reject or express gratitude.Of course, if there is no problem with the gift itself, you should express your sincere thanks.

8. Subsequent gifts

After the gift is delivered, it is necessary to follow up and manage.For gifts such as sexy underwear, the other party’s feelings and lifestyles should be considered.If the person who received the gift decided not to wear or give up this gift, the presencer should also respect the other party’s wishes and avoid excessive questioning or generating other negative emotions.

Views: Behind the gift contains the emotions and intentions of the gift, sometimes the gifts selected will bring uneasiness and doubts to each other.Gifts should not only take into account the interests and feelings of one of them, especially in the workplace, for some sensitive gifts, such as sexy underwear, you also need to pay attention to the meaning and appropriateness of the gift in order to express the true meaning of the gift.

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