The latest photo of sexy underwear model

The latest photo of sexy underwear model

1. Introduction

This group of sexy underwear is starred by famous domestic model Zhang Zilin.Zhang Zilin, height is 173cm, weighs 49kg, and the measurements are 83-63-89cm, respectively.She has served a number of well -known underwear brands and has rich shooting experience.In this set of photos, she will show different dressing skills for different sexy lingerie styles.

2. Sexy temptation

Sexual feelings are one of the most popular styles. Whether it is a three -point or lace hollow model, it can show the sexy and charm of women.Zhang Zilin wore a variety of sexy underwear in this group of photos, showing a perfect figure and charming temperament.

3. Soft literature and art

Corresponding to sexy underwear is also a soft literary style sexy underwear.These underwear styles are usually based on elegant and soft materials, and they pay more attention to showing women’s tenderness and charm.Zhang Zilin wore soft -colored underwear such as pink, light blue, etc. in this group of photos, making people feel her tenderness and softness.

4. Leather sexy

Leather sex lingerie is an increasingly popular style in recent years.These underwear styles usually use imitative leather materials, and the strong design of visual effects such as mesh eyes makes people feel strong sexy and charm.Zhang Zilin wore a variety of leather underwear in this group of photos in this group of photos, showing a strong sexy atmosphere.

5. Lace fresh

Lace erotic underwear is the most feminine style.These underwear styles are usually based on lace lace and thin fabrics, which makes people feel fresh and romantic.Zhang Zilin wore a variety of colors such as white, pink and other colors in this group of photos, showing a fresh and cute side.

6. Stockings beautiful legs

In addition to underwear styles, stockings are also an important part of sexy underwear.In this group of photos, Zhang Zilin wore various colors and styles of stockings, showing a sexy legs and perfect figure, which made people unable to fall into imagination.

7. Private photo

Interest underwear is usually a private item for women, and there are few opportunities for people to appreciate.But in this group of photos, Zhang Zilin showed her private house and sexy underwear matching skills, making people feel another charm and temptation.

8. Underwear matching skills

In this group of photos, Zhang Zilin not only showed a variety of sexy lingerie styles, but also showed the skills of underwear with accessories.For example, how to match stockings, high heels and various accessories, let people learn some practical wear skills while appreciating sexy underwear.

9. Fashion match

In addition to sexy underwear, Zhang Zilin also showed a variety of fashionable skills in this group of photos.She is wearing long down jackets with stockings, high heels; wearing a suit with sexy underwear, etc., making people shine.

10. Summary

This set of sexy underwear photos shows a variety of styles and wearing skills of sexy underwear, and also shows Zhang Zilin’s unique temperament and beauty.Whether it is sexy charm or soft romance, you can find your own inspiration in this group of photos.

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