The hotel’s sexy underwear has the guests of the guests

1 Introduction

With the popularization of sexual culture, sexy underwear has become an indispensable choice for modern people’s hotel dating.However, when you go to the hotel and find that a guest left a sexy underwear, what should you do?This article will provide you with several solutions.

2. Inform hotel waiters

You can choose to inform the hotel waiters by phone or front desk to let them come to clean up.They are experienced professionals who can quickly and safely deal with sexy underwear to avoid letting the next guest see unnecessary embarrassment.

3. Use the trash can

If you don’t want the hotel to know this situation, you can put the sexy underwear in the trash can and cover it with other items, and then throw it away.However, please note that this may cause pollution to the environment, so be sure to choose the right trash can.

4. Carry out the hotel and deal with it by yourself

If you don’t want anyone to know that you use sexy underwear in the hotel, you can bring them out of the hotel and deal with it by yourself.Please note that this may cause trouble for other guests, so select the appropriate time and method for processing.

5. Take the opportunity to explore the preferences of the date object

In the hotel room, it is found that the sexy underwear left by a guest can be used as an excuse to explore topics such as sexual culture and sexual preferences with your dating objects, and expand understanding and communication.Of course, this requires enough trust and intimacy between you and the dating object.

6. Ignore, ignore it

If you find the erotic underwear left by the previous guest, you can choose to ignore it and ignore it.Although this seems simple, it may cause trouble to the next guest, or lead to the busy of cleaning staff.

7. Use the private cleaning service provided by the hotel

Some high -end hotels will provide private laundry services, which may be an excellent solution.You can put the sexy underwear in the laundry bag and send it to the front desk or use the application provided by the hotel

8. Avoid using sexy underwear in the hotel

If you care about privacy and hygiene, you can avoid using any sexual products other than your lower body in the hotel.Using fun underwear at home can better grasp the problem of cleaning and hygiene.

9. Find the real solution

These methods do not solve the problem thoroughly, and their efficiency and practicality are also different.In the end, we should find the real solution, that is, vigorously promote the culture of integrity, so that every guest loves and respects the items of the hotel, and get along friendly and harmoniously.

10. Summary

When encountering a sexy underwear left by the previous guest, we need to calm down and make a reasonable judgment and handling.We can choose to inform the hotel waiters, use the trash can handle, carry the hotel and handle the hotel, take the opportunity to discuss the preferences of the dating object, ignore ignorance, use private cleaning services provided by the hotel, avoid different methods of using sex underwear in hotels, etc.EssenceHowever, in the end, we should flexibly select the solution according to each specific situation.

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