The earliest sex lingerie model contest

The earliest sex lingerie model contest

The earliest erotic underwear model contest began in the 1970s. At that time, sexy underwear was also regarded as a taboo.The purpose of this competition is to promote sexy underwear, let more people understand and accept it, and provide opportunities for manufacturers and sellers.

Contest judgment standard

The criteria for judging the sex underwear model competition are mainly to see if the model can fully display the beauty and sexy of the underwear.In addition, the quality, tailoring and materials of underwear are considered.The judges will score based on these factors and eventually choose to win.


The participants of the competition are mainly women, because sexy underwear was mainly targeted at female consumer groups at the time.However, with the appearance of the men’s market, men’s sexy underwear also began to receive attention, and there were related model competitions.


The emergence of the sex lingerie model contest has a great impact on promoting sexy underwear.Through the display and publicity of models, more people have known sex underwear, and change from the role of contraindication to a fashion trend.In addition, the competition has also injected vitality into the sex underwear market and promoted the development of the industry.

Forms and scale changes

Over time, the form and scale of the sex underwear model contest have changed a lot.From the earliest small competitions of only a few contestants, it has developed to a larger scale, and the contestants are more international and more professional.

The popularity of the contest

Although the sex lingerie model contest has been controversial in history, it has always been one of the focus of attention.With the opening of social concepts and the diversification of consumer taste, the sex underwear model contest has become a global event, attracting the attention of various people.

market situation

At present, the sex underwear market has become a huge and diversified consumer market.From the initial niche market, to the current popularization and fashion, sexy underwear has become one of the choices for many women and male consumers.

Future trend

As people’s requirements for the quality of life are getting higher and higher, there will be more fields in the sexy underwear market in the future.For example, pay more attention to healthy, environmentally friendly, and comfortable sexy underwear, more attractive design, more humane services.

Challenge and opportunities

Although the sex lingerie market is broad in prospects, it also faces some challenges.For example, fakes and shoddy products in the market, as well as the traditional concepts of consumers for sexy underwear.This also provides opportunities for sexy underwear manufacturers and sellers to create better products, and transform consumers’ concepts through publicity and marketing.


Over time, the sex underwear model competition has become a sign of the sex lingerie industry, making great contributions to promoting and developing the sex underwear market.Although the future sex underwear market is facing challenges, it also contains huge opportunities.

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