The boss uses sexy underwear in person

Boss’s new toy

Recently, the company’s boss has begun to work in various sexy lingerie, which has aroused widespread attention from employees.At the company’s party, the boss proudly showed her new toys, which surprised the employees.

Sexy three -point sexy underwear

The first set of sexy underwear of the boss is a very sexy three -point erotic underwear.Due to the graceful figure of the boss, this set of interesting underwear perfectly shows her figure curve.When wearing, the three -point design makes the neck and chest very sexy.

Transparent mesh erotic underwear

Another set of sexy underwear in the boss is a transparent mesh sex lingerie, showing the beautiful figure of the boss.This set of sexy underwear surprised the employees and said that it was a very sexy underwear.

White lace sexy underwear

The boss’s favorite set of sexy underwear is white lace sexy underwear. In her opinion, this set of sexy lingerie is sexy and elegant.She often wears this set of sexy underwear at important business meetings, and she also makes the meeting more vivid and interesting.

Chest sticker sexy underwear

The chest -style sexy underwear is a new set of sexy underwear purchased by the boss. When wearing, the female chest is full and full.This set of sexy underwear is very suitable for dressing into cute loli costumes.

Permanent tight -fitting and sexy sheets

Personally tight -fitting underwear is the favorite one of the boss.This sexy underwear has high elasticity and softness, so that the boss can hardly feel the existence of things.This set of sexy underwear is the first choice of underwear when the boss needs to work for a long time.

Together with the hips

The hip of the boss was very sexy, so she specially bought a sexy underwear to make her hips more prominent.This set of sexy underwear is the first choice for her choice when she is wearing short skirts and low -waist pants.

Multifunctional sexy underwear

The latest acquisition of the boss is a multifunctional sexy underwear. This sexy underwear can be converted to a variety of styles, allowing the boss to deal with various occasions very flexibly.She often wore this sexy underwear when attending banquets and social activities.


Although the choice of sexy underwear depends on personal preferences, as an expert in erotic underwear, I think that transparent mesh sexy underwear and white lace sexy underwear are the most classic sexy underwear, which is very good in appearance and feelings.Of course, different erotic underwear is suitable for different occasions. The specific choices can be flexibly decided as needed.As for the boss wearing a fun underwear in the company, personal views vary from person to person, and everyone needs to decide on their own.

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