The best shop ranking of sexy underwear

The best shop ranking of sexy underwear

1. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is one of the world’s most famous erotic lingerie brands. It provides rich and fashionable underwear styles, including sexy and comfortable bras, underwear, bra and bottom pants.Whether you are sexy or comfortable underwear, or even various top luxury goods, Victoria’s Secret has high evaluation in word of mouth and quality.

2. La Perla

La Perla is one of the top brands in Italy. It has its own unique style. The classic women’s cotton knitted underwear style makes it very popular.Not only that, La Perla also offers a variety of fashionable sexy underwear, which can meet your different needs, and the service and quality of the shop are also very good.

3. Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a British brand that is committed to providing more unique and innovative sexy underwear designs for more consumers.The designer of the shop focuses on every small detail, from fabric to details, bringing a perfect experience to consumers, highlighting beauty and sexy, which is also his advantage.

4. intimissimi

Intimissimi was founded by an underwear designer in Italy and has now become one of the world’s leading sexy underwear brands.The shop offers a comfortable, sexy but cute sexy underwear. Almost all styles are suitable for women of various body shapes. Different styles and colors almost meet the needs of each woman.

5. Ann Summers

Ann Summers is a well -known sexy lingerie brand in the UK. The underwear provided by this shop is mainly for young fashion women and is very creative and imaginative.In particular, the sexy underwear design of Ann Summers is very competitive in the market. His unique design has become the choice of shopping in most women.

6. huundkemoller

Hunkemoller is a Dutch brand and is very popular in the European market.Their sexy lingerie is different, which is very suitable for the needs of each woman.Hunkemoller provides different color schemes, styles and sizes, as well as various storage units to meet the quality and experience of each woman.


ASOS Lingerie is a well -known British e -commerce brand. It is committed to providing trendy and high -quality sexy underwear in a way to cover global consumers.All brands of the shop integrate the cultural atmosphere of Britain, provide a perfect and comfortable experience for each woman, and bring a different inner experience to women.


Savage X Fenty is a brand opened by the famous singer Rihanna. She presents a variety of different femininity and complexion, creating "tolerance" and "diversity".Savage X Fenty’s sexy lingerie style has inspired more communication and expression. It is the natural beauty of women’s hearts, so it is loved by women around the world.

9. Hanro

HANRO is a Swiss brand. He produces and provides high -quality women’s sexy underwear products.Whether it is comfortable or sexy underwear, their design is mainly based on quality.Their treatment and selection of exquisite fabrics for each detail are one of the standards for his underwear.

10. Simone Perele

Simone Perele was founded in 1948 and one of the famous brands worldwide.Their sexy underwear is mainly suitable for women who have high professional needs for colors, fabrics, sizes and comfort.Under what circumstances, his underwear guarantees that every woman is perfectly dressed.

in conclusion

Different brands have their own characteristics and advantages.The best store rankings are different from person to person. Comprehensive consideration of quality and cost -effectiveness is a good trend. It is recommended that all brands of stores for consultation and purchase to ensure that you choose the best products.

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