The anchor wearing a live underwear live broadcast

The anchor wearing a live underwear live broadcast

In recent years, wearing live underwear live broadcast has become a very popular form of online performance.Many anchors have joined this industry, but whether such behavior is moral and reasonable has always been controversial.This article will discuss this topic from multiple perspectives and put forward his own views.

Anchor’s angle

From the perspective of anchor, the advantage of wearing a live broadcast of sexy underwear is to attract more fans and audiences.This can not only increase your popularity, but also get more attention and gifts.Some anchors say that doing so is not illegal or unbearable, it is just a way to meet the needs of the audience.However, this behavior still has certain risks.

Audience’s perspective

From the perspective of the audience, the anchor wearing a live broadcast of sexy underwear may feel very exciting because it can be called the private part of the anchor.Some audiences are even excited and even addictive.But for minors and audiences who feel uncomfortable with this behavior, this behavior may cause psychological trauma to it.


From a social perspective, the live broadcast of sexy underwear inevitably involves gender discrimination and false publicity.Many anchors will inadvertently, or intentionally cooperate with the popular concepts, convey a sense of gender differences that are not correct enough, and even discharge to young men.At the same time, some anchors will also propagate false publicity to induce audiences to purchase products that do not meet standardized products.

Legal perspective

From a legal perspective, there is also risks to wearing live underwear live broadcasts.In many countries, this behavior may be considered pornographic performance, which is suspected of illegal.For anchors, once suspected illegal, they will not only be fined huge amounts, but also be punished by criminal punishment.Therefore, the anchor should pay attention to compliance with laws and regulations when doing this behavior.

The importance of self -restraint

On this issue, self -constraints are very important.Live broadcasting in accordance with self -discipline and standardized ways, it is far better than irregular, unreasonable, and uncontrollable ways to consume less heartpower and resources of the anchors, and at the same time there are less risks.This is very important for any practitioner.

Finally talk about personal opinions

From my own perspective, wearing a sexy lingerie live broadcast can indeed bring more attention and gifts to the anchors, but it will also have a negative impact on society.For those audiences who purely like this behavior, they should choose the right platform and abide by the prescribed behavior and moral standards.For anchors, it should also be restrained and abide by law and professional ethics.

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