Test room in sexy lingerie stores

Test room in sexy lingerie stores

For many people, wearing erotic underwear is an important means to enhance confidence and enhance sexual charm.In the sex lingerie store, the fitting room is a very important part.The following will introduce the test room in the sexy underwear shop to help you better understand how to choose the right sexy underwear.

Design in the fitting room

The design of the fitting room is essential for choosing sexy underwear.The good test room should be spacious and bright, the seats are large and strong, and the mirror is clear.In addition, in the test room, it should be placed in the display rack of the lingerie, or the clothes are linked to facilitate customers to try or choose clothes.

Hygiene in the fitting room

Hygiene is an important criterion for a sexy underwear shop.Be sure to ensure the sanitation of the fitting room, clean up and replace the seat and mirror at any time, and ensure that customers enjoy the cleanest and comfortable experience in the fitting room.

Privacy in the fitting room

Female consumers directly try to wear sexy underwear is a very privacy and personal thing.Therefore, the fitting room needs to strictly protect the privacy of the trials. Do not observe, take pictures or videos through the gaps in the fitting room or other methods.

Test the clothes room

Different erotic lingerie styles and sizes may have requirements for the size of the fitting room.Customers need enough space to make it easy to try and check themselves, and the test room should also take into account the experience of people with a larger shape, and need to set proper width and depth.

Limitation when trying penetration

Although customers can try to wear sex underwear, they are sometimes limited by ordinary underwear.For example, women wear chest rings on the breast, and they cannot immediately take off them when they try out sex underwear.Interest underwear stores should provide solutions for such inconvenient customers, such as providing a safer privacy protective cover when trying penetration.

Preparation before trial

Before putting on sexy underwear, you should consider taking off all ordinary underwear for better trials. If customers do not carry spare underwear, sexy underwear shops should also provide these customers with some spare underwear that can be replaced for free.

Check and evaluate

After trying through sex underwear, you should carefully match and check the comfort and wear effect of sexy underwear.If you have any dissatisfaction, you need to replace it immediately or find the clerk to adjust.

Purchase precautions

If you buy sexy underwear, please consider it carefully after trying it on.If you find that you just like the design or status of a sexy underwear, not it is really suitable for your body, please do not buy blindly.

in conclusion

The fitting room is an important part of a sexy underwear store. It should provide customers with an environment of comfort and guarantee private privacy.I hope that the introduction of the clothes room in the above -mentioned sex lingerie store can help you choose a sexy underwear that suits you.

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