Tearing of sexy underwear to make love videos

Tearing of sexy underwear to make love videos


Sexy underwear is a prop that modern people are commonly used when playing in bed, and tearing sex underwear, as one of the special ways, is highly respected by many people.But there are certain risks at the same time, if you do not pay attention to the method of use, you may cause harm to the body.This article will introduce the usage methods and precautions for tearing sexy underwear to make love videos in detail. I hope to bring some new fun to your sexual life.

Choose a suitable sexy underwear

First of all, you need to choose suitable sexy underwear.During the torn process, the material of the underwear needs to be soft enough, and it is not easy to cause scratches and scratches.In addition, it should be noted that the underwear is too large or too small is not conducive to the effect of tearing.

Select the location of the tear

After choosing a suitable sexy underwear, you need to determine the position of the tear.It is recommended to choose a thinner part of underwear, such as passive and convenient cracks.At the same time, you can also consider adding cracking components such as hooks, buttons to the underwear to increase the effect of tearing.

Communication and negotiation

Before starting to tear up sexy underwear, it is recommended to communicate and negotiate before sex to ensure that both parties are willing to try this way, and have learned about precautions and safety measures.This not only increases the joy of tearing, but also ensures the greatest pleasure in the real sex process.

Gentle and resolute technique

In the specific tear process, you need to ensure gentle and resolute techniques.Rubbing back and forth with your fingers at the cracks of the underwear, you can gradually broaden the cracks and increase the effect of tearing.However, pay attention to avoid cutting with sharp items as much as possible, so that it is easy to cause injuries and skin scratches.

Various posture experience

Tearing of sexy underwear can be performed in various poses, such as dog -style and female superiority.When tearing, pay attention to protecting the bodies of both sides and avoid abrasion and fall.In addition, you can appropriately draw sensitive parts such as the nipples and glans of the other side to increase their pleasure.

Pay attention to safety and hygiene

In the process of tearing sex underwear, be sure to pay attention to safety and health issues.It is recommended to disinfect underwear before use to avoid bacterial infections and disease transmission.At the same time, if accidents occur during use, such as skin cutting, abrasion, etc., it is necessary to deal with and disinfect it in time, and go to the hospital for examination and treatment when needed.

Pay attention to emotional communication

During the whole process of tearing the sexy underwear, we also need to pay attention to emotional communication.In the process of true sex, emotional experience is more important than physical stimulation.You can properly perform some ambiguous ridicule and interaction with the other party, enhance emotional communication, and make sex more interesting.

Use appropriate amount to avoid excessive consumption

The process of tearing the sexy underwear can bring a lot of fun to people, but at the same time you need to pay attention to the appropriate amount.Excessive use will lead to problems such as the shortage of underwear and the increase in costs, which will affect the balance of family and economic life.Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the appropriate amount when used to avoid excessive consumption.


In short, tearing sex underwear to make love videos is a very interesting and special way of sex, but you need to pay attention to safety and health and emotional communication.I hope that this article can provide you with some useful knowledge and suggestions, so that you can enjoy more fun in the process of tearing the sexy underwear.

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