Tattoo erotic underwear trial


Tattoos and sexy underwear are fashionable.They each have their own uniqueness and characteristics.However, in recent years, the matching of tattoos sexy underwear has become a trend.So, what kind of matching method is tattooed underwear?Next, we will introduce you to the trial of tattoos and sexy underwear.

The matching of tattoos and sexy underwear

The combination of tattoos and sexy underwear can be said to be perfect.They can help women show their sexy and charm.Of course, the choice of tattoos should be based on your own needs, and the choice of sexy underwear should also be based on the figure and the style you like.

Style introduction

There are many styles for sex underwear.In terms of choice, you must also buy according to your body and preferences.Among them, more popular ones such as sleeping skirts, lace underwear, perspective, net socks, and sex sets.

Tattoo and perspective underwear matching

The characteristics of perspective underwear are transparent and sexy.The matching of this underwear and tattoos will be more exotic, perfectly showing the sexy and charm of women.The position and size of the tattoo should be selected properly to make the tattoo and see -through underwear complement each other.

The matching of tattoos and nighttime

The nightdress is a relatively light underwear that can show women’s leg lines.After matching tattoos, the charm of women can be more attractive.This matching method is suitable for women with tall and long legs.

The matching of tattoos and net socks

Net socks are also a kind of sexy underwear. Generally, there are many mini skirts.If a woman’s legs have tattoos, and with Internet socks, they can bring more alternative sexy beauty to women.

The combination of tattoos and lace underwear

Lace underwear is one of the most classic sexy underwear, which can show women’s softness and sexy.When lace underwear and tattoos are matched with tattoos, it can bring unique sexy charm to women.

The matching of tattoos and fun sets

The sex set is a combination of various sexy lingerie styles, including sleeping skirts, lace underwear, perspective clothes, net socks, and other erotic underwear.If you choose to match tattoos, you can break a single clothing and make women wear more layered.

Different skin color choices

For women of different skin colors, different erotic underwear and tattoos also need to make different choices.For example, the white skin tone can choose red and black sexy underwear, and those with yellow skin can choose light and white sexy underwear, thereby creating a more perfect effect.

Selection of tattoo parts

The selection of tattoo parts is also very important. Women need to choose the right part to tattoo according to their own figure.For example, the thighs, backs, arms, shoulders are relatively common tattoo parts.


The combination of tattoos and sexy underwear can make women more sexy and charming, and different matching solutions can also add a lot of sexy charm for women.Each woman can choose the sexy underwear and tattoos that suits them best according to their preferences and figures, so as to show their sexy charm.

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