Taoist underwear jumping egg text

What is a sexy underwear jumping egg?

Dao’s sexy underwear jumping egg is a sex toy that integrates sexy underwear and jumping eggs. It is usually composed of a sexy underwear with inlaid pockets and a detachable jumping egg.

Taoism of sexy underwear jumping eggs

Depending on the shape of the use of the dumpling egg, the fun underwear jumping eggs can be divided into multiple types.The more common ones are two types of masturbation cup and vibration stick.The masturbation cup props have a built -in empty cavity similar to the masturbation cup. You can act as the vagina. Inserting eggs can be inserted for simulation behavior.Vibration stick props are inserted into sexy underwear for indirect stimulation.

The advantages of sexy underwear jumping eggs

First of all, the fun underwear jumping eggs can increase the fun of sexy underwear.Secondly, it can be used for stimulus activities between masturbation or couples.The most important thing is that the use of Dao’s fun underwear jumping eggs can increase sexual interest and relieve sexual pressure.

Who is suitable for using Dao’s fun underwear jumping eggs?

Taoist underwear jumping eggs are suitable for women of any age group, and they can be used whether they have sexual experience.At the same time, because it can be used as a sexy underwear at the same time, women can wear at any time.

How to use Dao’s fun underwear jumping eggs?

Before use, make sure that jumping eggs are charged and turned on.For masturbation cup props, you need to use a lubricant to apply the jumping egg, insert the jumping eggs into the internal cavity, and wear the entire item on the body. For the vibration stick prop, insert the jumping eggs into the fun underwear pocket, and the whole interest will be the whole interest.Underwear is worn on the body.

Pay attention

When using the road of sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to your own comfort, do not stimulate yourself too strongly.Especially for women who are used for the first time, it is necessary to gradually increase from slow vibration to avoid excessive sensitivity or harm.


Taoist underwear jumping eggs need to be cleaned in time after use to ensure the hygiene of the next use.Jumping eggs and sexy underwear can be washed separately. The jumping eggs are cleaned with professional disinfection solution. The sexy underwear needs to be washed according to the washing requirements on the label.

Prop on the market, sexy underwear jumping egg brand

At present, the more well-known props in the market include SVAKOM, Fun Factory, We-VIBE, Lelo, etc. The products of these brands have good quality and user evaluation.

How to buy Dao Daoye underwear jumping eggs?

Purchase of Taoist underwear jumping eggs can be considered from many aspects such as brand, quality, user evaluation, performance and other aspects.In addition, personal needs are also an important consideration, such as what types of jumping eggs like and whether they need to be worn.


Tao sexy underwear jumping eggs are a sex toy that integrates sexy underwear and jumping eggs. It has the advantages of interesting, irritating and comfort.However, you need to pay attention to moderate and safety when using, and you need to consider multiple factors when you buy.In short, the use of Daoyou underwear jumping eggs should be pure freedom and personal choice.

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