Taobao uploading the condition of sexy underwear

Taobao uploading the condition of sexy underwear

Taobao, as China’s largest e -commerce website, also has many businesses in the field of underwear.Many sexy underwear merchants want to enter Taobao for sale, but need to meet some conditions when uploading sexy underwear.So, what is the condition for Taobao to upload sex underwear?Let’s find out.

1. Need to operate a license

As a sexy underwear merchant, you must have a formal registration certificate, that is, the medical device business license or hygiene permit can be uploaded through Taobao to upload sex underwear.This proves that merchants’ products meet hygiene standards.

2. The product logo is clear

Interest underwear products must contain clear and clear logos to facilitate customer recognition.The content of the logo should include the product name, production date, origin, main material, etc.

3. Product pictures are true

When sexy underwear merchants upload sex underwear, they should ensure the authenticity of the picture. Do not use illegal operations such as stealing pictures, otherwise they will suffer a certain amount of punishment.Merchants need to provide high -definition and clear product display maps.

4. Standard size

Different from ordinary underwear, the size of sexy underwear will have a large difference due to the differences in brands, products and styles.Therefore, the size standard for uploading sex underwear must be clear and clear to allow consumers to better choose the appropriate size.

5. Product description is accurate

The description of sexy underwear is very important and must be accurate.Including the specific material, elasticity, breathability of this sexy underwear, in addition, the use of sexy underwear and wearing skills require fine descriptions to meet the needs of consumers.

6. No naked parts must be

One of the conditions for Taobao to upload sexy underwear is that there must be no pictures of naked parts.Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention when uploading pictures of sexy underwear, and must not include naked sexy ingredients.

7. No promotion of regulations illegally

Taobao is a regular e -commerce platform. When uploading sexy underwear, sexy underwear merchants cannot have excessive sexy, exposed or indecent vocabulary.If the merchant is found, it will be punished strictly.

8. Must have a warranty period

When the sexy underwear merchants upload sex underwear, they must clarify the time guarantee time and warranty clauses to protect consumers’ shopping rights.

9. Rigorous customer service service

Like any other product, sexy underwear also requires customer service support.Merchants should provide timely and accurate customer service services to answer any questions and doubts about customers.

10. Do not violate the regulations

In the end, it is very important that when the merchants upload the fun underwear, they must comply with Taobao’s regulations, and must not violate Taobao’s rules and regulations.


Through the above analysis, we can find that the conditions for uploading sexy underwear on Taobao are very strict and complicated, mainly to protect consumers’ right to know and shopping rights.Only by obeying these regulations can you upload sexy underwear on Taobao.

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