Taobao opens sexy underwear shop earns money

Learn to analyze the market

To open a sexy underwear store in Taobao, you first need to learn to analyze the market.Market analysis can help you find the type of sexy underwear, understand consumer needs and competitors.The key to market analysis is how to find reliable data and information.

Pay attention to product/service quality

Before opening a sexy underwear, you need to choose a product or service that can ensure quality.Only high -quality goods or services can ensure that users’ desire to buy and the willingness to buy repeated purchases can be ensured.In the process of communicating with the supplier, you need to clarify the key points of quality and customize the quality inspection standards.

Increase commodity/service types

Before starting sales, the types of goods/services need to be added.If you only sell a single sexy underwear, you may face the lack of consumer choices and difficult to attract different types of people.If there are too few types of stores, it is difficult for consumers to form concerns, simply increase the types, increase the selection range of products, and convenient selection of diversified products.

Select the supplier correctly

As a seller, the importance of choosing suppliers correctly is self -evident because suppliers are producers of goods and services.Correctly selecting suppliers can ensure the quality of the source of supply. In many aspects such as quality assurance, quality supervision, after -sales service, and order discounts, the interests of sellers are guaranteed.

Choose the right keyword

To open a shop on Taobao, you need to find a suitable keyword for search and optimization, which is convenient for potential consumers.Use Google keyword tools or Taobao merchant platform extension tools can find related potential keywords.It should be noted that choosing keywords cannot be perfect, and it is necessary to continuously improve and try and error.

Shop baby page traffic

Unlike traditional e -commerce websites, Taobao Mall comes from the search entrance. The search keywords and shop baby page traffic of the store is an important factor affecting the quality score of the store.It is very important to improve the shop baby page. It is necessary to pay attention to picture quality, title, detail introduction, and product advantages.

Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy is an important means to increase the sales of Taobao stores.Some creative marketing methods can make consumers interested in your shop and strive to attract consumers’ attention.If you do this enough, your sales performance will increase rapidly.

establish a brand

While opening the sexy underwear store on Taobao, you can also strive to make the store establish your own brand in continuous geographical development.Provide better services, launch more distinctive products, and form a stable customer group. This is the deep meaning of development.

Customer experience

Customer experience is an important factor in increasing the sales of Taobao stores. Good customer experience can increase the reputation of merchants, thereby enhancing consumers’ sense of trust and loyalty.You need to reflect the customer experience by considering the measures of better hospitality and a few unique keywords such as a small number of products.


After analyzing the key factors of the success of Taobao’s sexy underwear store, you can find the following conclusions:

1. Analyze market demand and choose product types;

2. Select the right supplier to ensure the quality of products or service;

3. Corresponding marketing methods and search entrances, etc., determine the traffic of small and medium stores;

4. Properly establish brands to ensure continuous and stable development.

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