Tao Nai Mu Xiang Nai Interest Underwear Works

Tao Nai Mu Xiang Nai Interest Underwear Works


Tomomi Kanai is one of the spokespersons of Japanese sex lingerie brand Vivian Rose, which has representative works in the brand.Momoi Yinnai was born in 1993. He was a well -known AV actress and later transformed into a model, actor, host and other fields.She has attracted much attention for her sexy appearance and superb acting skills.With high value and hot body, she has become the spokesperson for many sex brands, representing the highest level of Japanese sexy underwear.

Sexy design

Momoimu’s sexy lingerie design is unique, full of sexy and tempting.Most works use rich lace, butterflies, flowers and other elements, showing her sexy, charming and romantic side.She also produced many seductive combinations such as three -point, four -point, lace corset and high -heeled stockings, so that people can better experience the feeling of sexy and tempting.

Quality, comfortable hand feel

Vivian Rose’s quality has always been very good and can be compared with top European and American brands.Similarly, the works represented by Tao Naimuya are also very good in quality. They use high -quality materials, soft and comfortable, wearing breathability and comfort.Especially for people with allergies of chemical fiber, these underwear series are undoubtedly a good choice.

Various styles, suitable for different occasions

In Tomoimu’s pursuit of sexy underwear, she also pays attention to the diversity of style to meet the needs and occasions of different consumers.Such as lace corset and sling pantyhose are suitable for formal occasions such as dinner and dinners, and stewardess, student girls, etc. are more suitable for unique private occasions.In addition, her personal preferences have also affected the design, such as Tao Naimu’s pink, white, and black colors that often appear in her work series.

Friendly to all kinds of body types

Sexy underwear design should be friendly for people of various types.Momoimu’s sexy underwear is no exception. In addition to the traditional oversized size, her work also has net red models, small breasts, etc., and she has made corresponding designs for different figures.Among them, the net red model is more popular. Due to its retro design style and high beauty effect, it is sought after by female consumers.

Moderate price, consumers are close to the people

Whether it is Japanese or other countries, the price of sexy underwear brands is relatively high.However, in order to expand the market and meet consumer demand, Vivian Rose, Tomoisu’s sexy lingerie series is moderate, and most people can afford it.And on the Vivian Rose website, there are often promotional activities, and the price is more affordable.

Exquisite design, gift gifts

Momoimu’s sexy underwear series is suitable for purchasing and wearing it, but also for her boyfriend as a special gift.These erotic underwear have a unique design, and it is a good surprise to give her boyfriend.In addition, with some small sexy props or massage oil, it can increase the atmosphere of interest and romance.

Unique pattern, rich European and American style

In Tomoimu’s works, its pattern design is relatively unique, showing the rich charm of European and American style.Her series of patterns inspired by mermaids, jungle flowers, and swans, which are very unique and attractive.These erotic lingerie on the body not only reflects the sexy of women, but also full of personality and artistic atmosphere.

Show the sexy charm of women

The Vivian Rose brand represented by Tomanohara is not only sexy underwear, but also a cultural display.They show the sexy and charm of women, showing the world the perfect body and confidence of women.For each woman, Tomoimu’s sexy underwear series is a confident and charm.


The sexy lingerie series endorsed by Tomanohara not only shows the beautiful body and confidence of women, but also shows a brand new side of Vivian Rose sexy underwear brand.Her works meet the characteristics and needs of women, providing diversity and selectivity from design, quality, and price.Whether we wear for himself or given a gift, Tao Naimu’s sexy underwear series is a good choice.

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