Story of Stories of Stockings Instead

Story of Stories of Stockings Instead

Sexy underwear is a kind of high -end quality clothing made by modern women to make themselves more confident and sexy. The very important part of which is the stocking of the stockings.Let me tell you two little stories of two stockings sexy underwear.

Story 1: Stockings recommended by the clerk

After a afternoon shopping, Xiaomei entered a sexy underwear shop, and she was very interested in stocking and sexy underwear.The clerk recommends a set of black lace conjunctual stockings and sexy underwear for her trial. Xiaomei looked at her in the mirror was attracted by this set of sexy underwear, so she decided to buy it to increase her sexy charm.

Story 2: Stockings sex underwear out wearing

Xiaoli is a career OL. She took off her jacket during a business negotiation and exposed the black stockings sexy underwear, which immediately attracted everyone’s attention.She completed the meeting with a confident smile, showed the sexy and temperament of women, and won the respect and trust of her colleagues.

The types and uses of stockings sex underwear

In addition to increasing the sexy charm of women in stockings, there are many different types and uses.

Types: full waist, high waist, company

Among them, the full waist refers to the stockings sexy underwear that can be covered below the waist; high waist models refer to the stockings of stockings from the waistline to the thigh part;Complete sexy underwear.

Uses: beauty, body shaping, emotional ridicule

There are many uses of stockings in stockings. In addition to increasing sexy, it can also effectively beauty and body shaping.If in summer, if you want to show the beauty of the charming legs, you can try a sunscreen beautiful leg socks.In addition, stockings erotic underwear can also be used to ridicule emotions and increase sentiment and fun in sex.

How to wear stockings and sexy underwear

Putting on stockings in the right way can make women more attractive. The following points are recommended:

1. Same color matching

If you want to wear stockings and sexy underwear when you go out, you can choose clothes and shoes similar to the color of stockings to create a unified sense of overall.

2. Monochrome set

You can also choose to choose a single -color underwear suit with the same color stockings and skirts when buying sexy underwear.

3. Super short models pursue sexy

Wearing sexy stockings erotic underwear wants to create a hot body like Lola Bunny. You can choose a short mini skirt to expose your thighs. It is best to match a pair of high heels to create a particularly tempting feeling.

in conclusion

Stockings erotic underwear is a sexy weapon for many women, allowing women to increase their charm and self -confidence on various occasions.When choosing and wearing and wearing stockings, it is recommended that you make the best choice in combination with your body style and occasion to increase your charm.

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