Stockings of stockings sexy lingerie stimulus

Stockings of stockings sexy lingerie stimulus


As a kind of stimulating toys in stockings, stockings sexy underwear is loved by more and more people.It not only has conspicuous visual effects, but also adds a touch of mystery between couples.

Types of stockings sexy underwear

Stockings erotic underwear can be divided into multiple types according to different designs.Common meat -colored stockings, black hollow stockings, mesh socks, and striped socks.Different stockings are suitable for different people, and can be selected according to their preferences.

Stockings sex underwear material

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The material of the stockings of stockings can be divided into three types: nylon, silk and cotton.Nylon stockings are more resistant to wear and have poor breathability; stockings are more close to wear and have high comfort; cotton stockings are strong in absorbing, suitable for summer wear.

Choose the correct size

Choosing the correct size is the key to ensuring the comfort of the sticker of the stockings.Some people think that the smaller the size of stockings, the better. In fact, the excessive size will make the wearer feel unwavering and uncomfortable.The correct size should be suitable for closeness and will not draw traces.

Wearing skills

Pointing in stockings sexy lingerie need to be paid to match with clothes, do not choose too bright color or patterns.At the same time, you can choose more sexy clothes to wear after wearing stockings, such as short skirts, shorts, etc.


Stockings erotic underwear requires more detailed maintenance.Avoid washing with other clothing when washing, use appropriate detergents and pay attention to water temperature. Do not rub it hard after washing, dry and avoid direct sunlight.


It is important to pay attention to using stockings in sexy underwear to avoid strenuous exercise such as grabbing and beating.In addition, female friends should not wear stockings and sexy underwear during menstruation, so as not to cause discomfort to the body.

Head Wear

The function of stockings sexy underwear

In addition to the visual stimulus, stockings sexy underwear can also increase the taste of husband and wife and enhance the sexual attractiveness between each other.At the same time, wearing stockings sexy underwear can also make female friends show a beautiful curve and sexy temperament.

The matching of other erotic toys

Stockings erotic underwear can be used with other erotic toys, such as handcuffs, eye masks, etc.The use of these sexy toys can increase the sense of irritation and interest, and further strengthen the sexual life between husband and wife.


As a kind of stimulating toys in stockings, the importance is self -evident.In the process of enjoying sex, people can better release stress, enhance their feelings, and further strengthen the relationship between husband and wife.