Spray milk erotic underwear

Spray milk erotic underwear

What is spraying milk and sexy sheets

Milk spray sexy underwear is an innovative sexy underwear. It can simulate the situation of female breasts spraying milk and make the wearer more sexy and charming.This underwear is unique and has a unique creativity, allowing people to experience different stimuli and pleasure in the process of sex.

Design characteristics of milk spray sexy underwear

There is a big difference between milk spray sexy underwear and ordinary sexy underwear, and its design is very unique.Under normal circumstances, there is a structure similar to a small nozzle in the chest of the lingerie in the breast, which simulates the female breast spraying by spraying a certain liquid.In terms of design, the milk spray sexy underwear can also choose different colors, styles and sizes to meet the needs of different people.

Classification of milk spray sexy underwear

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At present, the spray -spraying sexy underwear on the market can be divided into two categories. One is to use air pressure to spray liquid, and the other is to spray analog liquid by using manual pressure.Although these two types of milk spray sexy underwear are different, the effect can achieve similar effects as female breast spraying.

Material selection of milk spray sexy underwear

When choosing a milk -spraying erotic underwear, the material is also a critical factor.Because this underwear must be directly contacted with the human body, the softness, comfort, and breathability of the material must be considered.The types of commonly used materials include cotton, silk, elastic silk, etc. When buying, you can choose the material that suits you according to your needs.

Applicable crowd of milk spray sexy underwear

Milk spray sexy underwear is generally applicable to the following three people. One is to enjoy stimulus and pursue climax couples. Second, people who like to experience different sex activities, the third is an artist in the performing arts industry.No matter which kind of crowd, you can get a very unusual experience with the use of milk spray sexy underwear.

How to choose milk spray sexy underwear size

When buying milk spraying sexy underwear, the choice of size is very critical.Because excessive size or too small, it will affect the use effect.Usually you can understand your own bust, hips and other data before buying, and then select the size of the table to ensure the comfort, tightness and stability of the underwear.

How to correctly wear milk and sexy underwear

You need to pay special attention when you wear a milk -spraying sexy underwear, and you must follow the correct method of wear.First of all, the wearer should release the underwear strap, let the chest part of the underwear fall down, and at the same time hold part of the underwear breast to the height he wants to hold the bra and put it on the corresponding nozzle.Be careful during wearing, do not work too hard to avoid harm to breasts.

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How to clean and maintain milk spraying sexy underwear

Cleaning and maintenance of milk spray sexy underwear is also a very important step. In addition to the cleaning required for daily life, you should also pay attention to regular disinfection treatment.In daily cleaning, you can use professional underwear cleaning agents, or rub it with water and neutral soap and rub it gently. Do not rub it strongly to avoid damage to fabrics and structures.Regular disinfection can be disinfected with tools such as ultraviolet disinfection lights, or you can also use professional disinfection to spray.

Taboo use of milk spray sexy underwear

Pay attention to certain taboos when using milk spray sexy underwear.First of all, forbid purchase and use under 18 years of age.Secondly, it is not suitable for people with breast tumors, blood diseases, allergic constitutions and other people.Too much use should also be avoided, so as not to cause unnecessary damage to the breast and affect your health.


As an innovative sexy underwear, spraying milk and sexy underwear brings people a different sexual experience and stimulus.It is important to follow the correct methods and taboos when using it, while maintaining cleaning.If you want to experience different sex pleasures, try spraying milk and sexy underwear.