SM ancient style sexy shirt

SM ancient style sexy shirt

Overview of SM ancient style and sexy underwear

SM ancient style and sexy underwear are a fashion underwear that integrates ancient style and fun. It has unique visual effects, sexy curve display and fashionable design creativity.The style of SM’s ancient style and sexy underwear is made of high -quality materials, which not only makes you feel comfortable, but also creates a visual effect that reveals the mystery.The style and characteristics of the SM ancient style sexy underwear will be introduced one by one.

Kung Fu corset

Kung Fu Corset is a fashion underwear that concentrates national martial arts elements, ancient style and interest. It shows a crane -type vest design. The metal parts and leather style are perfectly integrated, which is bright.The hollow design on the chest reveals the feeling of three -point sexy and seven -point wildness.Not only does you make you full of style, you can also interpret different ancient style NOMAO style.

Puppet coat

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The puppet coach is a sexy underwear with Puppet as inspiration. The bright red also highlights the sexy and wildness of SM -style. The smiley face and metal ring buckle behind it show a sense of mystery and temptation.It is not only a magic weapon that captures the man’s heart, but also makes you confidently show your personal taste and fashion style.

Dragon and phoenix saliva

Dragon and phoenix drooling corset is a sexy underwear that is inspired by dragon and phoenix.Its unique design highlights the mystery and majesty of Longfeng.Metal parts and white lace design perfectly fuse, showing a soft, mysterious and dangerous sexy charm.You can try ancient style elements such as kimonos and skirts to show charming beauty and temperament.

Element corset

Elemental corset is a underwear that integrates natural elements and interests.Its design refers to the elements of nature’s fire, water, wind, and soil, as well as factors such as movement and plants in nature.The perfect combination of elements and metal, leather and other materials reveals a sense of mystery, home feel, and fashion, which highlights the beauty of personality, confidence, sexy, and wild.

Black lace panties

Black lace panties are a simple but sexy sexy underwear, which is loved by female friends.The design of lace is gentle and sexy, and the black tone often reminds people of some mysterious and seductive scenes.Fully release your sexy seeds and make yourself more attractive and temperament.

Silver chain corset

The silver chain corset is a masterpiece of SM ancient style sexy underwear, which reveals a bold and unruly character and sexy charm.The silver metal chain design also shows a cold, wild and sexy temperament, which is incredible.Therefore, it is not only suitable for the practicality of sex toys, but also a decorative, which can become a form of expression for fashion people.

Nipple Tassels


Jewelry cover is a novel and stylish SM ancient style sexy underwear. Its design creative drawing on the inspiration of jewelry and combining many elements, such as pearls, gems, metals, leather, etc.It not only makes you feel comfortable, but also shows your personality and fashion taste, so that you can enjoy the joy of freedom, confidence and sexy.

Riho chest sticker

The Riho chest sticker is a random, free, lively, sexy, sexy and fashionable glue corset. Its design and creativity refer to many elements, such as rainbow, clouds, stars, etc.Although it is only decorated with a sticker, its variable performance has doubled to your sexy charm!You can try this underwear at a special moment or wild private occasion.


Metal cover is a SM sex underwear with metal as its main element.It is especially suitable for people who want to try, because it shows a strong sexy and weird atmosphere.The metal shell perfectly protects your private parts until you take it off, making them want to stop!Undoubtedly, it will become your best choice at a special moment!

The advantages and disadvantages of SM ancient style sexy underwear

SM’s ancient style and sexy underwear summarize the above advantages: fashion, sexy, wild, mysterious, personality, vitality, and can play decorative, reflect personal taste and fashion style.Disadvantages: Not suitable for daily life, short wearing time, metal -made underwear will have high noise.But if you can make good use of these shortcomings and wear it at the right time and occasions, you will definitely lead the frontier of fashion and get endless beauty and joy!


SM ancient style and sexy underwear are both a fashionable artwork and a dedicated sexy weapon. They use various elements and colorful colors, as well as different materials and styles, showing colorful life colors.As consumers, we must have freedom, self -confidence, personality and innovation, be our own protagonist, dare to try new things, and enjoy the endless fun brought by life.