Slipping sexy underwear training novel reading

Slipping sexy underwear training novel reading

The perfect combination of romance and interest

In modern times, sexy underwear has become a trend that is popular in the world.They not only upgrade traditional underwear in design and materials, but also make people feel unprecedented sexy and romantic.Today, we are going to introduce you to a novel that makes people want to stirless sexy lingerie, hoping that it can make you find a real self and explore a better life.


The author of this novel is a sexy underwear enthusiast. Her story takes place in a large town of steel cement. She and her story show how to wear sexual erotic lingerie to gain more confidence and performance ability.In the process, she became a real queen of sexy underwear and had a more lustful life.

Chapter 1: Charm of Fun Underwear

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The author likes sexy underwear because they are soft and colorful, and they can set off the body curve well.Coupled with some meat -sensitive materials, lace lace, bow, leather and hardware, not only makes people feel sexy and fashionable, but also gives the romantic side in the heart fully released.

Chapter 2: How to start from underwear self -confidence

When the protagonist of this story realized that she needed more confidence, she began to try sex underwear at home, and gradually realized the importance of underwear on her influence on herself.Gradually she wore them on the street, trying to perform more bold and confident.

Chapter III: Another side of sexy underwear

The protagonist of this story is not simply promoting sexy underwear, but to readers the other side of sexy and romantic, that is, problems, difficulties, and challenges that beginners may encounter in the process.For example, how to choose the underwear that suits you, how to avoid unnecessary embarrassment, and so on.

Chapter 4: The Beauty of Underwear Training

The text also presents the beauty of underwear training.Through practice, the protagonist has found that sexy underwear is not only a underwear, but a tool to promote self -expression and change.Good communication skills, appropriate interesting props and correct attitudes can make normal sexual life more wonderful and passionate.

Chapter 5: The right way to find sexy underwear

The protagonist in the story gradually explored the correct methods and skills of choosing sexy underwear.For example, pay attention to the comfort of underwear, choose underwear that conforms to your own style, and so on.


Chapter 6: Create your own sexy underwear style

The author also tells readers that different people can have different underwear styles, and it is important to create their own style.You can choose different materials, fancy, card hook positions, improved versions, Qianz, etc. to create unique sexy underwear.

Chapter VII: Change of Fun Underwear Scenes

The changes in sexy underwear scenes are overwhelming.The protagonist shows how to wear different sexy underwear to appropriate occasions in different sex occasions, which is eye -catching.

Chapter 8: The relationship between sexy underwear and the entire life

The last chapter involves the relationship between sexy underwear and the whole life.The author expresses the importance of wearing sexy underwear through the success of the protagonist in many aspects of life.The self -improvement of inner satisfaction and self -confidence and the impact of interpersonal relationships are worth exploring and sharing.


The above is a brief content of this novel. We hope that it can let you understand erotic underwear from different perspectives, and experience the confidence and happiness they brought from from the bottom of the heart.Everyone in life should dare to challenge themselves, be brave to find their own beauty, find their different styles and publicity.Interest underwear provides a good help for this process.