Sexy underwear ultra -low waist three -point style

Sexy underwear ultra -low waist three -point style

Learn about ultra -low waist three -point sexy underwear

There are many types of erotic underwear. Among them, ultra -low waist three -point style is a style that is welcomed by women.This type of sexy underwear is very low in the waist position, which can bring sexy and teasing effects.Before buying, you need to know some details to choose a style that suits you.

Suitable for body type

Although the ultra -low waist three -point erotic underwear looks sexy, not everyone is suitable for wearing.The crowd is mainly divided into three categories: slim, plump and sporty.For women with slim and sports figures, choosing this model will be more favorable.For women with plump figures, you can choose some rich adjustment or slim -fitting sexy underwear.


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Interesting underwear is not only fashionable and sexy, but also requires comfortable and breathable, so the choice of material is very important.Generally speaking, the sexy underwear of nylon, silk and cotton is relatively comfortable and breathable.However, when the skin is particularly sensitive, you should avoid choosing sexy underwear containing chemical fiber.

The effect of color on the body

When choosing the color of the ultra -low waist three -point sexy underwear, you must choose according to your own body characteristics.Generally speaking, overweight or bright sexy underwear will affect the figure.For women with short body and slightly protruding belly, choosing a light -colored sexy underwear can play a thin role.

Style choice

When choosing the style of ultra -low waist three -point sexy underwear, you need to consider multiple factors such as your waist shape, curve of the belly, and hip shape.For women full of waist, you can choose the sexy underwear of a wide belt or encrypted belt, which can be compressed to the waist and achieve the effect of thin waist.

Small accessories

Ultra -low waist three -point three -point small accessories that need to be matched are very important.For example, choosing stockings with the same color or similar color system will add sexy effects.Under the bra, a close -fitting sweater makes the chest more curvy.Some necklaces with positions will greatly improve the sexy degree of sexy underwear.

Use occasion

The use of sexy underwear is very important, and a suitable occasion must be selected.Generally speaking, it is suitable for dating at home, nightclubs or romantic dating.However, on the occasion of the office, school, and unable to get rid of people’s attention, it must be avoided, otherwise it will bring unnecessary embarrassment.


storage method

Interesting underwear needs to be preserved appropriately to ensure that it can maintain its original shape and aesthetics next time.Follow the sexy underwear and hang them in a cool place.Do not directly expose to the sun and high temperature environment to avoid affecting the quality and service life of the material.

Cleaning method

When cleaning underwear, it is necessary to follow certain rules.First, choose a mild detergent, soak the sexy underwear in water for 10 minutes, and then wash it by hand.Never clean it with a washing machine, otherwise it will cause damage to sexy underwear.


For ultra -low waist three -point sexy underwear, you need to consider multiple details to choose the style that suits you best.Not only the sexy appearance, but also the body, material, color, and small accessories such as small accessories.At the same time, the use of sex underwear, preservation and cleaning methods is also very important. Pay attention to the use of details in order to last long.