Sexy underwear tube top hip picture beauty

Sexy underwear tube top hip picture beauty


Sexy underwear is one of the most important equipment in modern women in sex.The tube top hip is a common sexy lingerie style. It can wrap the chest and hip parts tighter, thereby showing a more sexy and attractive curve.Next, we will introduce some pictures of pictures of tube tops and hips, help you better understand these styles.

The original intention of tube top hip sex underwear

Why would anyone choose to wear a tube top hip -hip lingerie?The most fundamental reason is that some women will feel that their chests and hips are not plump and upright, which will have a negative impact on confidence and sexual attractiveness.And the tube top hip -hip lingerie can be perfectly wrapped in the chest and hips with the help of fastest materials and shapes, so that you show a more beautiful figure curve.

Adult sex lingerie brand recommendation

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When choosing a tube top hips, the brand’s choice is particularly important.The following brands are very reputable adult sexy underwear brands. It is worth recommending: Victoria’s Secret, La Perla, Agent Provocateur, Ann Summers, for Love & LEMons.

Classification of tube top hip underwear

The tube top hip underwear is generally divided into the following styles:

* Mini tube top hip underwear: The material is thin, simple and clear, and is more suitable for wearing in private occasions.

* Tibetan tube top hip underwear: The design with a strap can support the chest more, making you feel more confident.

* Completely wrapped tube top hip underwear: Completely wrapped design can make your body line more obvious and more sexy.

Color choice of tube top hip underwear

The color option of the tube top hip lingerie will affect the entire dressing effect.Black and red are common colors of sexy underwear. Black looks more mysterious and sexy, and red is more passionate and tempting. Other colors can also be selected according to the characteristics of skin and hair color.

The matching of the tube top hips sexy underwear


When choosing to match, you can match the tube top hip sex underwear with sexy stockings and high heels, which will make you more self -confidence and charm in the sex scene.Of course, you can also flexibly match according to your preferences to make yourself more individual.

The maintenance of the tube top hips sexy underwear

Maintenance of sexy underwear is very critical, especially for some exquisite and careful care styles.Pay attention to the following points:

* Gentle hand washing: Hand washing can better protect the material of sexy underwear and try to avoid using washing machines as much as possible.

* Water temperature should not be overheated: high temperature is easy to damage sexy underwear, pay attention to water temperature control.

* Do not use bleaching agents: bleaching agents will cause serious damage to the material of sexy underwear.

Suggestions for buying tube top hip underwear

Here are some suggestions that need to be paid attention to when buying tube top hips and sexy lingerie:

* Select the right size: Excessive size or too small will affect the effect of sexy underwear. Pay attention to choosing the right size.

* Do not greedy cheap: sexy underwear with poor quality will not only affect the use effect, but also cause damage to the body. Do not choose secondary products for saving money.

Potential risks of tube top hip sex lingerie

Although there are many advantages of tube top hip -hip -hip underwear, there are some potential risks.For example, wearing too tight sexy underwear for a long time will cause damage to the body, and uncomfortable wear experience will also affect the sex experience.Therefore, you need to pay attention to the above points when choosing a tube top hips.


In general, the tube top hip -hip lingerie is a very sexual and attractive underwear style, which has a very good effect on improving self -confidence and sexual experience.However, when choosing and wear, you need to pay attention to the above suggestions and potential risks to make the tube top hip -hip -hip lingerie really used us.