Sexy underwear the most expensive brand

Sexy underwear the most expensive brand

Sexy underwear the most expensive brand

A brand overview

Sexy underwear is a kind of sexy clothing, and now it has become part of the fashion industry.Due to its special use, the price of sexy underwear is often relatively high.This article will introduce the most expensive brand of sexy underwear.

La Perla

La Perla was founded in 1954 and is an Italian luxury underwear brand.The brand is less output, so the price is very high, and some products even exceed thousands of dollars.La Perla’s handmade and materials are very good, making it one of the representative brands of the sex underwear industry.

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Bordelle is a luxury and erotic underwear brand in the UK. It was founded in 2009.The brand’s design creativity and high quality are all loved by trendy people.Bordelle’s underwear materials come from all over the world, made from the highest quality craftsman, and the price is as high as thousands of dollars.

Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is another British luxury erotic underwear brand, which was founded in 1994.The brand’s products are characterized by fine, artistic and sexy, and the price is extremely high.Its underwear materials are carefully selected and hand -made, each of which reflects the unique aesthetics and taste of the designer.

Atsuko Kudo

ATSUKO Kudo is a Japanese designer, and its brand produces many unique and luxurious sexy underwear.Atsuko Kudo’s underwear is made of special rubber materials, which has a high flexibility and gloss, which is a perfect combination of sexy and weird.Some of the brand’s underwear exceeded hundreds of dollars.

Marlies dekkers

Marlies Dekkers is a well -known Dutch designer, and its name under its name is also known for its high quality and unique design.Marlies Dekkers’ sexy underwear has been favored by the global supermodel and has won multiple design awards.The price of some underwear of the brand exceeds $ 500.

Lise Charmel

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Lise Charmel is a French luxury sexy underwear brand, which was founded in 1950.The brand celebrates the beauty and tenderness of women, and its design is loved by women.Lise Charmel’s underwear uses excellent fabrics, embroidery and gems, the price is as high as thousands of dollars.

Fifi chachnil

Fifi Chachnil is a French sex lingerie brand, founded in 2004.The brand is characterized by retro style and sweet charm, and is loved by celebrities and tide people.Fifi Chachnil’s underwear is unique, in line with the current fashion trend, and the price is relatively high.

I.D. Sarrieri

I.D. Sarrieri was founded in 1949. It is a Romanian sexy underwear brand with a long history.The brand’s underwear is elegant, sexy and romantic, and is favored by customers around the world.I.D. Sarrieri’s underwear is made by hand, the price is as high as thousands of dollars.

Kiki de Montparnasse

Kiki de Montparnasse is a US sexy underwear brand, which was founded in 2005.The brand’s underwear design is fashionable and sexy, and is loved by women in the new era.Kiki de Montparnasse’s high -quality underwear is relatively high, which is slightly advantageous compared to other luxury brands.


No matter what brand it is, it needs to attract customers’ attention with its high quality, unique design and materials.Although the price of sexy underwear is often very high, these brands are taking high -end routes.If you want to be guaranteed in terms of quality, style and brand visibility, it will be a good choice to choose these high -end brands.At the same time, I also hope that this article can provide effective references for the majority of beauty love women and help them choose the sexy underwear that suits them best.