Sexy underwear suspender bellyband

Sexy underwear suspender bellyband

What is a camisole?

The suspender bellyband is an upper underwear with a sling -type design. It is usually used to match with low -cut, back -back, shoulder straps, which can effectively highlight the curve beauty of the waist, chest and abdomen. It is a sexy sexy underwear.Essence

Classification of suspender bellybands

According to the materials and uses used, the suspender bellyband can be divided into multiple types:

Fabric categories: silk, lace, cotton, polyester, nylon, etc.

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Color categories: black, white, red, purple, pink and other colors.

Function category: correction, abdominal type, thickness, breathable type, etc.

How to choose a suspender bellyband that suits you?

When choosing a suspender bellyband, we need to consider the following factors:

Power: You should choose a material with excellent material and soft feel.

Breath: Be sure to choose to be breathable, so as not to cause skin allergies.

Size: Be sure to choose the right size. If you are too small, it will cause discomfort.

Style: Different styles should be selected as needed, such as low -cut, back -off, comfortable, slimming, and so on.

How to match the suspender bellyband


The suspender bellyband is one of the sexy lingerie wearing daily wearing. The principle of matching is sexy without exposing the corners.If you wear a backless clothes, you can choose the shoulder strap without underwear, keeping the aesthetics and avoiding exposure.

How to match the chest patch with a camisole?

The chest paste is another sexy sexy underwear. It is used to better show the breast curve of women with a camisole.When choosing, you should choose a suitable chest sticker according to your chest shape, and the color matching is more charming.

How to maintain a suspender bellyband?

The suspender bellyband is a more delicate underwear, so it needs to be careful to maintain:

Handwash: Add a special cleaning agent to warm water and wash it gently.

Natural drying: Do not use a dryer, you should dry the underwear in a ventilated place.

Avoid exposure: Do not expose the sun in the sun for a long time, so as not to damage the material.

Category storage: The underwear should be stored separately to avoid skewers and deformation.

What errors should be avoided in suspenders?

When wearing a suspender bellyband, we need to avoid the following errors:

Don’t wear too small or too large underwear.

Do not wear embroidered underwear to avoid stabbing the skin.

Do not use washing machines often to avoid damaging materials.

Do not wear it for a long time to avoid excessive restraint and cause physical discomfort.

Some tips for suspenders and bellybands

Here are a few tips when wearing suspenders:

Do not rub it when wearing a camisole. You should easily adjust it with your fingertips from top to bottom.

Do not be too tight during the dressing process. You should be on the premise of comfort.

When paired with low -cut clothes, you can choose different colors and different styles of underwear to achieve better results.

The meaning of sexy underwear and suspenders

Sexy underwear such as sexy underwear, suspenders, etc. can help women to better show their sexy charm and give the inner satisfaction and sense of security.


Wearing suspenders is a way to show women’s sexy. Although the fashion trend is constantly changing, the suspender bellyband is enduring as underwear, and the beauty is always out of the end. It is always a charming scenery.