Sexy underwear stockings pants

Sexy underwear stockings pants

Fun underwear stockings pants entry guide

For those who have just tried to wear sexy lingerie pants, it is difficult to know which one is most suitable for your needs and body shape.In this article, we will introduce you to various types of sexy lingerie stockings and its best applicable scenarios.

1. Stockings pants

Stockings pants are a very popular type of women’s sexy underwear. They are usually made of soft silk or nylon, and are elastic on the waist and thighs.They can be matched with short skirts, shorts or sweaters.If your ankle needs to be particularly prominent, it is also very suitable to wear ultra -short stockings.

2. stockings

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Fish net stockings are composed of large wounds, forming a beautiful knitted pattern.They are usually used to show beautiful leg lines, but please note that fish net stockings may make their legs look thicker, so they need to be carefully matched.Wearing sexy high heels or sneakers can highlight the unique style.

3. Net eye socks

If you want a feminine appearance, then you should try to put on mesh -eye socks, which will make you more charming.This type of sexy underwear usually has more temptations and can be used for sexy mysterious atmosphere.Leather horse boots and soft shoes are very good matching options.

4. Lace Conjusational Socks

Lace conjoined socks are suitable for those who want to have feminine appearance.This sexy underwear is made of dark lace, which can be matched with short skirts, shorts or tight pants.But please note that lace conjoined socks are usually softer than other sexy underwear, which may sacrifice a little durability.

5. Stockings lace slimming underwear

Stockings lace trousers are very popular in summer.They use lace to provide covered with firming pants, so that you can get a refreshing and breathable feeling.This sexy underwear category can be suitable for daily wear, such as jeans, casual fashion skirts, etc.

6. Crazy Crab Stockings

Crazy crab stockings pantyhose is a sexy underwear with some small reptile crabs as decorative.This sexy lingerie style is suitable for those who want to try some different styles.They can be matched with short skirts, shorts or tight pants, and cooperate with ultra -high high -heeled shoes to create a sexy style of beautiful visual effects.


7. Leather tights

Leather tights are suitable for those who want to try some more sexy and exciting sexy underwear types.The leather material has high durability, and it also shows a smooth visual effect on your leg.This sexy underwear is especially suitable for wearing fun at night, and can also be matched with sexy high -heeled shoes to enhance the degree of sexy.

8. Big long gauze socks

Large gauze socks usually have many details, such as lace frames and seductive suspenders.They can create a more retro and stylish atmosphere for wearers.This sexy underwear can be used for any occasion, including party, nightlife, and so on.

9. Leg protection cover

You can choose to wear legs to wear between the heels and knees.They have the effect of fun and excitement, which can decorate and modify your thighs and calves.While wearing, they can also adjust the legs of the legs.

10. Blue stockings

Although most people like traditional black or red sexy underwear, blue stockings will make you different from others.Different colors can show different visual effects, while smoke gray or dark purple blue sock pants can be matched with various outfits of black, blue or brown.

In short, the choice of sexy lingerie stockings is related to your unique needs and body shape.Considering which parts you need to show, and how to match some basic elements will be a good starting point, but the most important thing is your own feeling.After wearing sexy underwear stockings, you should feel confident, beautiful and sexy.