Sexy underwear SM bellyband video

Sexy underwear SM bellyband video

What is SM bellyband?

SM bellyband is a kind of sexy underwear. It is a bellyband specially designed for SM games. It can be used to bind binding, whipping, and so on.Unlike other underwear, the SM bellyband usually uses dark tones such as black and red, which is full of sexy and mysterious atmosphere.

What kind of crowd is the SM bellyband?

SM games are a kind of irritating sex game. Only those who have special love such as love and masochism are suitable for participation.Of course, the premise is to obtain the consent of both parties and take corresponding security measures.The design of the SM bellyband is suitable for those who like SM games. As long as they play their imagination, the SM bellyband can play many different tricks.

What are the styles of SM bellybands?

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The style of the SM bellyband is very rich and diverse, and can be freely selected according to personal preference.有的SM肚兜采用皮革或者PVC材质制成,色彩鲜艳,具有很强的刺激性;有的SM肚兜采用网纱、蕾丝等材质,显得很柔美;还有一些SM肚兜采用丝绒等柔软的材料,Very comfortable, suitable for wearing when you are tired and tired.

How to choose the size of the SM bellyband?

The size of the SM bellyband may be different from ordinary underwear size. Generally speaking, the size of such products is more flexible. You can adjust the size according to the lace of the back, which is suitable for female friends with different busts to experience it.When you buy, you can measure your body size first, and then refer to the proposal of the product page or customer service to select the appropriate size.

How to wear a SM bellyband?

Wearing SM bellybands need to be carried out according to specific styles. Some SM bellybands only need to be tied to the waist. Some need to be tied to the back or chest, and you need to wear it step by step according to the instructions.For those who try for the first time, it is recommended that the partner can help to wear or adjust.At the same time, make sure that your physical condition is good before wearing, and do not physical fatigue or physical discomfort.

How to maintain SM bellyband?

Due to the different materials used in the SM bellyband, the maintenance method is also different.For SM bellybands of leather or PVC, it is recommended to use specific detergents for washing, and at the same time, avoid excessive moisture and dry environment.For soft -material SM bellybands such as velvet and lace, it is recommended to use a specific hand washing program for cleaning to avoid dehydration or use dry cleaning machines for dry cleaning.

What is the price of SM bellyband?

The price of SM bellybands varies from factors such as brands, materials, and design. Generally speaking, the price of SM bellybands on the market is about 100 yuan to 500 yuan.Different brands and styles have different prices. Generally speaking, the price of better quality SM bellybands will be higher.

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How to buy SM bellybands?

Purchasing SM bellybands can be performed through various channels.It can be purchased through e -commerce platforms such as Tmall and, or you can also buy it directly to the sexual products store.When buying, pay attention to choosing regular merchants to buy, so as not to be affected by fakes or bad products.

There are many types of SM bellybands, pay attention to safety first

In general, the sexy underwear such as SM bellyband is an entertaining and irritating experience for people who like SM games.However, in advance, you need to obtain the consent of the other party to take corresponding safety measures to ensure personal safety.There are many types of SM bellybands. You can choose according to personal preferences, but you must pay attention to the quality and comfort of the product. At the same time, be careful not to wear it for a long time to avoid adverse effects on the body.